Examples of foreign trade enterprises to improve the conversion rate of the website

2, attention to the user evaluation

? ) selling goods

is now the foreign trade website innumerable, as long as you are familiar with several open source cms, such as ZenCart, a template can easily make a trade website. In addition to most of the webmaster friends heard of foreign trade B2C how to make money, they have joined the ranks of foreign trade competition. For example, the industry where the author nike shoes, there are a large number of Chinese people built the site. However, most of the domestic electricity supplier follow the method, B2C is simply that the search engine optimization, which in the overseas promotion is just a little means. Of course, this wasn’t about promotion methods, ranked in the top ten search engine sales is not very good, partly because foreigners do not understand the shopping psychology, how to improve the conversion rate of the site, how to meet the shopping needs of foreigners is the site should first study.

as above, we can see that this is observed in the dragon network page settings, site sidebar lists several sales the most popular wedding style, to guide customers to pay attention to these, customers would want everyone to buy, certainly not bad to go. Compared with a long shelf No one shows any interest in commodities, which one would you choose

(most popular

hot commodity highest commodity

station (top seller)

e-commerce, the user can see the evaluation of the past, than the line is more comprehensive, more than the next line, this is the advantage of sales website. Foreigners will be very skilled to see how in the process of evaluation of online shopping. At this point, you can find many foreign websites in the search engine’s title, will put after "review" in the name of commodity, because in search of goods, the customer will go to search the evaluation content.

so do foreign trade website, the four ranking factor remember the following:

network than offline shopping is very simple, move the mouse will be able to resolve the matter. Therefore, reflect the herding in online shopping in the more prominent. When you see everyone at the time of purchase, the subconscious will think this thing is very good, the eyes of the masses are sharp, a word: buy! This phenomenon is called "Social Proof in foreign countries in electronic commerce". For example, when you are shopping at Taobao, the habit of clicking "popularity", "sales" to the ranking, we all buy things certainly have an advantage over the new goods.


1, the herd effect of online shopping

The core of

can see the nation’s largest shopping site Amazon in the commodity page settings. >

to buy this commodity customers also bought XXX (customers who bought this also bought XXX

customer evaluation (testimonials)

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