Do not feel Shanghai dragon but there should be a plan

love Shanghai algorithm is always changing, included and ranking the web site is also constantly changing.

design of a SE friendly website is very important, and it is also the fundamental construction site, if the site construction company to do the site without SE friendliness to speak, it is better to do a website. However, for a long-term development, bigger and stronger Shanghai Longfeng sites, it is necessary to design a SE friendly, is also very good.


internal links are also important for large sites, in fact, the station, the proper layout of some of the chain is also very good, like the owners before did not pay attention to this one, will try to do some.

chain for the king, so the stability of external links is to enhance the website ranking especially important factor. With the crackdown on Shanghai love more and more garbage outside the chain, the chain related quality more and more important.

1. and

analysis of 5. Shanghai dragon process and the reasonable adjustment of

to determine the theme of the site keywords

3. high quality original content

do a lot of friends in Shanghai Longfeng know which aspects need to pay attention to Shanghai Dragon Well, should start from where, but very few people have a set of norms in Shanghai Longfeng process, often think of what to do, I also like this before. Shanghai Longfeng with the increasingly long time, slowly feel well below Shanghai dragon should have several standard procedures, and I will combine the experience and their own articles, to summarize.


4. stable external links and internal links

content is king, everyone soon tired of hearing it, but how many people really can do high quality original content? Original articles began to write or very easy, with the passage of time, plus other chores, really few people can stick to a regular update of high quality original articles. Zan Hui blog stopped for a long time, it was only to update the site to do the Shanghai dragon why forum, now, to write original articles of personal and company more and more, this shows that high quality original content is very important.

2. of search engine friendly website design

the first step must be to determine what you want to do what kind of website, is the enterprise or individual station station, is the gateway station or simple website, with what kind of CMS system, please network company, or their own design, what is the theme of the site to form the core content of color, and what, what is the core keywords, etc.. The first need to do the good, without change, especially for Shanghai dragon, the core of the site keywords and title had better not easily replaced, it is extremely unstable for ranking.

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