College students vulnerable to pit nearly half of respondents do not know contract fraud


has graduated from school, but Liu Chen (a pseudonym) is still in their own school for more than two years ago, the pit was the experience of rights. Because of the very strength of the "home delivery suddenly disappeared, then Junior Liu Chen and entrepreneurial team lost hundreds of thousands of yuan of money.

has a similar experience as well as Guilin University of Electronic Technology, Guilin University of Technology and Guangxi Normal University, Lijiang college and other institutions of higher learning entrepreneurial team. The entrepreneurial team cheated the subject matter for a total amount of 270 yuan (in March 3, 2014 this newspaper published a "Guilin entrepreneurial team fooled, millions of dollars loss payment" one article reported the matter). However, up to now, these students have been cheated at the beginning of the school through a variety of ways to rights, in the local forum on the site of the Guilin high-frequency post, reflecting their aspirations.

why college students are pit

December 2013, was still at the Guilin Institute of aerospace industry, Liu Chen and students together to start a business, planning to carry out mobile phone sales business. After a friend introduced, Liu Chen met a school opened a physical digital store, very powerful supplier Zhao (a pseudonym).

Zhao Gang claiming to be a regional brand of mobile phone Guilin agents, and to produce their own business license and other people to order the phone contract. Zhao also told Liu Chen, Liu Chen met two friends have dealings with him. A variety of information so that Liu Chen gradually believe in Zhao Gang. December 16, 2013, Liu Chen and his entrepreneurial team decided to follow Zhao just ordered 220 mobile phones, the other party to ensure that within 5 days after delivery of the phone, but the agreed time in the past, but these goods have not been delivered.


, Zhao Gang was as long as a new single, can let the manufacturers resume normal supply on the grounds, repeatedly urged Liu Chen entrepreneurial team to continue to throw money orders, before and after Liu Chen invested a total of 396 thousand yuan to order 720 sets of mobile phone, but got only 50 taiwan.

in Guilin and other colleges and universities in the college students entrepreneurial team communication, Liu Chencai learned that he was not the only venture was pit people. Guilin University of Electronic Technology, Guilin University of Technology and Guangxi Normal University and other institutions of higher learning, such as the Lijiang river college students have similar experience, Zhao Gang did not fulfill the amount of the purchase amount of more than 270 yuan.

at the beginning of 2014, the pit of the college students to Guilin police report. However, due to the signing of the transaction contract is not perfect, and even some students in the transaction did not sign a written contract at the time of delivery, the evidence is not enough to keep the delivery of a detailed and complete, making it more difficult to investigate evidence. Zhao Gang was detained by police after a period of time, Guilin Qixing District People’s Procuratorate on the grounds of insufficient evidence to make the decision not to arrest, the release of Zhao Gang.

Guangxi Arts Institute junior student Yang Shuo also had encountered the pit". As the person in charge of Guangxi Yu day entrepreneurship alliance, "Yang Shuo took 3 years of entrepreneurship, has gone 3 years of detours".

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