Analysis of love Shanghai home how to achieve one world

users are generally very lazy and naughty, sometimes even their love to meet a website, will forget or don’t bother to go to the collection, when to use next time again re search, love Shanghai home from the user perspective, some users often automatically record browsing, allowing users more dependence on it.

everything is in my hand real hot recommendation


lazy angry automatic recording traces of

note: considering the love of Shanghai itself, do so on the one hand to avoid the love of Shanghai before a single page monotonous, but also can create a personalized website navigation for the user, without direct access to the free search, classification, sorting. These can be their own master.

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love Shanghai so change, allowing users to be more dependent on it, but the most important thing is that it is really from the instinct of the user, understand the user to play their own advantages, effectively enhance the user experience.

want to add the navigation

here because people enjoy the self-centered entertainment, enjoy the new experience of personalized users, here as long as the whole world seems in own control, the premise condition, you have one to belong to own the one and only love Shanghai account.

note: this way, endless adding and integrating their love of things, can make users more convenient and fast browsing the web site you need, as long as the open love home to Shanghai.


from the screenshots can be seen, Shanghai love the home there is a weather forecast column, remember in the Olympic Games, and the alignment is on the Olympic Games, the current situation how to let users know the Olympic landing in Shanghai home the first thing you love. Hot news, the controversial topic all in the hands of users, as long as the user wants to know.

as long as you love, novels, television, games, these you can integrate into your love of Shanghai navigation, when the next visit can click on the free, convenient and fast.

贵族宝贝baidu Shanghai Longfeng please keep the effective link address, thank you

love Shanghai as Chinese stationmaster Yisifumu, naturally become the focus of attention and research, some Adsense is very trouble, a love of Shanghai logo and a search box of love Shanghai love Shanghai home, so simple, how to see how to study what can have no connotation, is such a simple appearance a new world, users cannot do without. "".

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