Website page weight distribution Xiangjie

This paper consists of Chinese

, a marketing website is best to do the top division of several pages, and we can be so classified, see figure

The flow rate of

two page keyword search volume, such as the page, but also can bring flow, the best for these page links in a long page, in addition, when the article published, for this type of page do internal links, if have energy can also do the chain on this page.


automotive lighting portal finishing release: 贵族宝贝chinaautolighting贵族宝贝/newsshow.aspx? Iid=6408

layer: nutrition is said above three page, other pages to provide the weight itself does not require ranking.

is the so-called 3 three grades page

before, I usually put the page is divided into four types, namely 3+1

A Must be the entire web page of the weight distribution of

layer is above said: a page and two page weights through the station outside the station and concentrated get good rankings, will flow into the drainage layer.

marketing page itself no search volume, page flow from the above three pages, rely on the station drainage, this type of page as long as those products page, consumer guide page etc..

page keyword search in large quantity, such as home page, column page, project page, once the ranking will get a lot of traffic, the best the entire website each page has a page to link, and outside the station to do outside the chain.

is the so-called 1 page marketing

is a chess game — the flag, do not know whether we play, when always play, actually site weight distribution and playing flag, how do you see the layout of your troops.

three page almost no search volume, such as many enterprise station news, but this kind of page can improve the amount collected throughout the site and to provide more than two page weight.

: the conversion layer is above said marketing page site will be a lot of traffic drainage here for the digestion, let into cash flow.

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