Web site keywords optimization outsourcing you are cheating the trap

regular Shanghai dragon optimization takes time and patience, for example a search volume keywords millions, PC index of 1 – 100, using key words means to do white hat into the home position in 1 to 4 months, and the quotation should be in 3000 – 4000. Some Internet companies in many in price is also pressing time in the thousands of dollars in about a month, and the sales package…… But the price is often low, in order to attract customers to obtain orders. But how in the keyword ranking cycle, if the regular way, how to achieve this.

first, software model, short-term emergency.

third, website hijacking, mirage effect.

many Internet companies will choose to use the software to brush keywords, we know that love Shanghai click algorithm, and they are using this to improve the website keywords ranking. Early will use such as flow wizard software to lift the web traffic to a certain position after use to spin keyword ranking software such software to improve keywords to the top ranking. This short period of time can be keyword promotion, but also because it will be because no end of trouble for the future, deceive the search engine by K station at any time.

website hijacking is one of the most common black hat tactics, it is through the code in the user search "infected" user computer terminal, the other information retrieval when the first time to show the contents of the website. In order to get traffic to the website and click, to promote website ranking promotion. The common website hijacking code actually many, is reflected by JS code form, this website will generally appear similar to the file in the "tail of the file, but the author Dennis is analyzed, it can achieve a certain effect, but it is better not to use on the site, because the effect is obvious at the same time hidden among them.

as a webmaster we often monitoring sites, most of the time we will find the site was hung black chain, is illegal gambling websites marketing. For a short time a large number of "vote" into the site will be rapid uplift, but this black chain in the love of Shanghai algorithm is not allowed, but also the monitoring and screening measures, so most of the keywords the upper 2 – 3 days after returning to the site will be on standby in the sandbox.

second, link to win, the virus strikes.

fourth, the price of actual combat, trap efficiency.

enterprises in order to expand the marketing network in a short time, the sales plan, at the same time in order to save the cost of the enterprise will choose Shanghai Longfeng keyword optimization outsourcing to professional network company. As everyone knows, Shanghai dragon industry chaos, is to choose a lot of black hat techniques, compared to the normal to optimize their price to win, but the final result is the poison of confessions of rivers. That today I Dennis as we summarize centralized common keywords outsourcing trap, in order to avoid accidentally lying gun.

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