The natural weight optimization of Shanghai Longfeng website URL catalogue rank in search engine


web page weight in the search engine rank embodiment is basically divided into the -> home directory page; -> content pages -> it forms a single page, then stood at the site of Shanghai dragon optimization point of view to consider that we could not help but will produce a suspense, what kind of page weights for the search engine show the relatively high rate of this problem will help us more "Fuyan trends" to the search engine spider like display content. Exploring the site directory structure of URL and analysis of its search engine in the natural weight for us to improve the work efficiency of Shanghai dragon is very important. The Xi’an Shanghai dragon is the natural weight structure of the web site to make some analysis and discussion for friends:

, a natural weight ranking website

2, -> two directory subdirectories; -> multi-level directory

for a Shanghai dragon has never done the optimization of the website, and the natural weight of each directory page show is different. Although the natural weight can be acquired manually change for artificial ranking optimization, but the use of the basic weight and improve optimization has greatly improved the working efficiency of Shanghai Longfeng, general site natural weight from high level to low row column order is:

, 3 pages

content of the page as the update of the website information gathering, a crucial role in promoting the site snapshot update and subdirectories, frequently updated content page directory associated with higher update frequency will also increase, a direct result of the positive effect is the search engine grab frequently, a long time will generate a custom update a very important significance for the web page display and snapshot cache, sequentially updating multiple directories as > page

directory is also called a directory, a directory of weight under natural conditions is higher than the two level directory and multi-level directory, the directory level more in class hair natural weight is low, although the weight value is calculated preliminarily that the search engine, but for the optimization of the site’s ranking for Shanghai Dragon Phoenix branch directory less is more the natural right overlapped and accumulated, followed by the website directory is not much but in the update frequency, not a sub directory section opened caused to update the embarrassing situation, the number of sub directory according to the reasonable self renewal ability and is the most scientific and reasonable.

1, web page

URL is the root domain name, the domain name natural weight is slightly higher, because 3W is a common domain name so generally through manual operation the interference caused by www two level domain name weight exceeds the root domain (without 3W) domain weight, but more than the root domain pre ranking optimization. The three level domain name weight similarly obviously below the two level domain name, the domain name weight less than two natural multi domain or superior domain, so the domain name is more about local optimization.

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