The two level domain case analysis station group how to win

I check the web site included a summary of the earliest date is 2011 April, shown on the website is the earliest date, we preliminary judgment of the website for about a year, a year of love Shanghai included a number of only more than 8000, visible the site update frequency is not high.




in Shanghai love to search "body odor products" in the future, will find a website of the website of the two domain names in ranked fourth, excluding two results of love Shanghai know it, then the site is already ranked second among the top, there are a large number of websites below it some websites, in included, the chain, the weight is not lost on it, whether it is the use of what kind of way to defeat a top-level domain? Let us explore the actual

this "two level domain case analysis of station group is how to win" take you to study a rely on the two level domain name to build the station group, the station group is based on sales of health products for the profit model, the website which point is worth us to analysis it, the reason is this site the two level domain most can get good rankings in love Shanghai, but there is another two level domain name has been ranked in the top five, exactly how it is down with the top-level domain name of the website? Let me take a look of.



can be seen from the chart, love Shanghai included number only about 600, but also love Shanghai snapshot stop in May 21st, but love Shanghai Domain values as high as more than 10000, the chain of the site is strong enough, we first preliminary judgment of the site is outside the chain to win, then what is this? Please look at the following data analysis.

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according to our preliminary statistics, the site of the two domain names are about twenty or so, of course, may have yet to be counted or not included, these first ignored, first analysis of the more than 20 to two level domain and many top-level domain names which stand out, breaking the two level domain name the weight is lower than the top level domain rules.


According to


from the above data show that the site of the weight of love Shanghai has reached 5, the PR value has risen to 3, the age of the domain name has about four and a half years, is an old station, but the light from the domain name age are not able to prove its real time station that may be purchased from the hands of others, so we want to see its website record.

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