WeChat search cold in the heat of the demand function of Architecture

first, WeChat search has many limitations. Although we have seen WeChat platform inclusive and scalability, but WeChat search as a search product must exist in the depth of the contents of the short board. Even if there are millions of WeChat public account in generated content, but in the face of resource search and more humane love Shanghai and other products, WeChat search will cater to the needs of everyone. To know that WeChat search is actually facing the information needs of high-end people, for their attention to the Internet is better than ordinary people, but the main body of the network is not these people, but ordinary users who want to access from the network on the common sense of life, watching movies, shopping, content depth can not be completed beyond the user also facing a series of problems, WeChat search does not have good imagination. WeChat and the number of public account operations to truly adhere to is far less than the number of WeChat search is also confined to the WeChat platform internal superiority.

about this product is a good player, different people have different views, from the author’s point of view, WeChat search products of good intention, but the research stage and not really aware of the depth of the market demand, although there is a good idea, but the market does not buy it, of course, this is not a consumer the problem is, more responsibility in WeChat search itself.

products, I personally appreciate the strategic layout of the product. As a Tencent in the next 10 years or even longer is the cornerstone of products, WeChat has really solved the Tencent in the mobile ports on the introduction of traffic problems. A lot of WeChat products and rely on the advantage of a strong channel, such as games, shopping, dating, financial and other categories is the fast development. This one will have to mention WeChat search this proposition.

No matter how you look at the WeChat

second, the repeatability is high, can not provide the ideal of quality. As previously mentioned, WeChat search is WeChat and Sogou together, which is behind the use of WeChat platform powerful user group, to a sort of information source, this product in the form on the Internet is not a novelty, at the most is the focus to do a proper marketing. We search for WeChat’s curiosity is over, we will really.

said maybe we are not familiar with WeChat search, this is actually a product of WeChat and Sogou cooperation, the purpose is to high quality content of WeChat public account generated every day to make a comb, so that more users can be more convenient to get what you want. To know that WeChat public account development to now have millions, and some public accounts push content is really high quality, great help for users. The original intention is good, also in line with the principle of convenience in the development of the Internet, but up to now there are a few months time, just like the original easecredit like small talk, WeChat search has not reached a consensus in the minds of users, but did not create the forming habits. So let us begin to doubt whether WeChat search is a good product.

In fact, WeChat

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