How to query accurately included in the site

which in the picture has been indexed, accurate data is indexed by Google grab this map file, if we put the site all the URL into the map, submitted after the use of this method is to know the exact amount included in it, note that when URL is big, can submit a few sitema>


in Shanghai earlier, love in Webmaster Platform released the exact data included in the site, but also accurate to every day, which is updated every day, so long as we registered Webmaster Platform or love Shanghai statistics, can accurately know the web site data, and every day there are data. Very convenient, for the convenience of our view, also used in reverse chronological order arrangement, love Shanghai official said this is the most accurate data collection data.

2, using the sitemap query site included data

to believe that most people already know, also be not at all surprising, ha ha! Dry cargo behind, you have to continue to look down.

The method )1, the use of The number of Web site

or Webmaster Platform love Shanghai love Shanghai statistical tool


in the website optimization, website optimization is included is often the first to be carried out, for the query method is included all the basic search engines using the site command or plus inurl, intitle and other methods, but these methods included in the data query are often inaccurate, so if you want to know the exact (search engine or that the relatively accurate method included), how to do it, in fact, there are many methods, as long as you work hard, or you can check out the website relatively more accurately the number included. Below the A5 webmaster Shanghai Dragon Team (贵族宝贝 Shanghai dragon.Admin5贵族宝贝/) method on several query accurately included (in the case of Google love Shanghai,

is now in addition to the sitemap documents submitted in Google webmaster tools, in the love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform can also submit map files, format is TXT format, XML format and sitemap index format, submitted after the capture effect is very obvious, because love is in the sea is not fully open, submit sitemap documents need invitation code we can, mainly to Google as an example to illustrate that map file can make technical assistance to solve, actually the most simple you can use the TXT format in the txt file, only each row URL on it, with no blank lines, but also use an absolute address, but the most common is XML because of its format, in addition to providing URL, also provides a priority, update frequency, time and other factors, more convenient search engines to crawl, when we make good. After the turn in Google webmaster tools will display like this:

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