How to optimize their websites

1), the station link structure optimization: in the internal web site to reduce the depth of page links between each other, prominent website main page, such as page important Wangzhuan build-up is web site to make money, it should be the column page from the home recently, and add links to the guide column page write in.

3), navigation system optimization: first of all the top navigation page is very important, the navigation page classification must be clear, from the user’s point of view to experience, how to arrange the order of each column page; secondly, breadcrumbs, work is told the visitors present position and how to return to let the user know the current location, and the position of the current page in the website of the.

(2) site will appear as shown in figure


(3) right click the source code, copy and paste, and the web site to your web site, but also can change according to your own preferences.

(1) to open a normal page on its Web site behind Hu wrote a string of characters, and go to the page.

5), 404 error page, if a page fault visitors to your web site, of course, the hope is to return to your home page or column page, instead of closing ", this time 404 error page will play a role, specific methods are as follows:

many rookie webmaster sometimes wonder why my hair so many articles, the ranking of the site is not to change? Wangzhuan build-up through this more than a month since my own website ranking and the Shanghai dragon’s study, I found that to get their own website ranking before in addition to constantly enrich their own content, but also on their website optimization. But most of the rookie webmaster without learning the system, not particularly understand how to optimize the website, so sweeping shenseng collects and summarizes how to optimize their site, hope to be able to help you comrades in arms:

2), URL will do website structure optimization: static or pseudo static setting, dynamic website structure is not conducive to the love of spiders in Shanghai for the record; reduce the directory hierarchy; Web site more short more easy to remember, the advantage in the search process;

1, the website structure optimization

4), the site map site map: basically every site, all site map is a container for all links of a web site. Many of the site’s connection level is deep, the spider is hard to grab the site map, can facilitate the search engine spiders to crawl the web pages by crawling the web page, a clear understanding of the structure of the web site, the site map stored in the root directory named sitemap, for guiding the search engine spiders, increase website important content page. If your website is ps: blog, you can download the site map and XML map directly in the plugin management.

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