How to create a good personal blog

Of course, we can not do !

2: focus on a particular field


as an ordinary webmaster, learning is essential. Like the famous ZAC, they also have a their own learning process, don’t think you understand the point of website operation is all set, No. The author in the optimization of leyuanbaby贵族宝贝, the three is to your blog to learn. As an excellent blogger, his knowledge must also be widely, because it is continually learning, to be able to get more different opinions, can they sort out your blog, you may not all agree, but some people will go to argue with you, so that you there are a number of harvest, only to their own experiences and insights to share with more people, to be able to get more knowledge. Continuous learning is the ladder of human progress.

so popular?


we have problems of reflection, we sometimes can not write innovative practical content is the crux to the source of these innovations not found in our mind, three people different from us is that they often participate in some large meetings in Shanghai Longfeng lectures, knowledge exchange, knowledge obtained is hundreds of long, but we grassroots webmaster do not have this opportunity, so it can not find the source of creativity, that we can only find the source to be able to write their own things, the way to write is different from the others thought valuable content, which can attract the eyeball of stationmaster friends. So we found a problem: how to find the source of content? The next step to solve the problem of

1: how to find the source of the content of


know the astronomy knowledge of geography, which extends to the second questions.

we can see Lu Songsong’s blog, he said: Lu Songsong is a webmaster, blog search engine, network business, network promotion blog". Look, Lu Songsong is his control in Shanghai.

in fact, plainly, is of high quality, high innovation readability, the author also very have self-knowledge, know that is not so high level of writing, then I should be how to build a good personal blog, I blog how to retain my understandings and content area in the eyes? I confident three analysts you blog, get a little bit of experience, to tell you how to create a good personal blog

recently the author of this preparation in the personal blog, will soon be able to see you. As we all know, personal blog era with the development of the Internet is slowly rising, and there are always some elite, in the personal blog in the field like: Lu Songsong, ZAC, etc. I do in the Moonlight blog, personal blog, blog also went to the three we were learning, what the reason for their blog

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