How to use the nternet to make website content

related knowledge of each person’s brain is in storage, the daily accumulation in continuous accumulation. People and contact time on certain technical, the technology will be more and more profound understanding of. For example, Shanghai Longfeng knowledge early you may not know, but in the course of study and practice, slowly to form their own views. Stored in the brain, so for a long time, it will form a knowledge, but the human brain capacity is limited, the Shanghai dragon knowledge storage is the same.

Because the

, a human brain can store a limited knowledge of

why do you say, many webmaster know Shanghai Longfeng knowledge a lot, but very scattered. However, if the Shanghai dragon scattered knowledge finishing, you will find that Shanghai dragon is actually so many things. Read "Shanghai dragon combat code" people know how much or how many sections of Shanghai dragon round. However, if you find another Shanghai dragon books will want to find out how many similar, that is to say is so much knowledge of Shanghai dragon. This is why the small said knowledge richness co..

limited technical knowledge richness

however, the webmaster want to Everfount website content rich, you need to use the Internet to find the source of creation, the use of hot. The webmaster to teach how to use the Internet to create hot web content.


, for example, between the two and 360 days is the hottest cool quarrel, simply become a major focus of network tie, many websites or media creation will in between these 360 and cool quarrel, to express their views. We are making the content of the website, also can be used in this way, with the hot news. According to the hot news or the Internet more fire to create things. This can open our knowledge, can also give our website in the construction process, the content of the above to provide more depth of resources.


but Xiaobian remind the webmaster is to use the relevant industry or industry hotspot similar to, don’t want the contents of the tube, strong pull hard drag integration together, so in the above website content is not what readability.

have done a long time Shanghai dragon master, will have this kind of idea, in content and production, for a long time, there is nothing to write or do not know what to write? Xiaobian not improperly belittle oneself, it occurs in really a lot of people who, with the understanding of the industry, when the creation of things do not know how to write or do not know how to organize ideas. For example, a Shanghai Phoenix Forum, at the beginning, you will find that you write very fast and clear, almost in half an hour to finish an article, you are very happy. However, it won’t be long before you find you are not content can be written, that is to create barriers. This is the case, nothing more than two points:

The internet hotspot in


1, find the nearest fire

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