Carve out time garage 3W coffee shop on the main street and the entrepreneurs

Abstract: numerous represented in this street complex world, new products, new models, new gameplay stunts, birth and death are too fast. Only occasionally found stopped, we seem to fall into the trap of carrot hanging in front of the cycle, the net worth of the previous three or four billion star like still far away.

sometimes you tired sweating, with great difficulty, things did not go, then your heart will be thrown up a feeling that your life is not too expensive.

– McCullers "Ballad of the sad cafe"

one, one Chinese, four Indian

in June 2014, Haidian Book pedestrian street officially changed its name to "Zhongguancun Venture Street", it was likened to the Silicon Valley dunes road.

entrepreneurial street has been very lively. Large and small different types of coffee shop after another, for IC entrepreneurs, there are media workers, or more people working on this street.

my high school deskmate also came to the street.

is now a Android engineer. It is hard to imagine a high school, always wear metal music written English exaggerated black T-shirt boys, and "engineer" equate. He has a pair of black like a puppy, always with water eyes. I do not believe, he failed in a Changping graduate school training intensive training for half a year, lied through two years of work experience to the already very complex on the street.

Cradle of Filth was one of his favorite bands

written procedures for him is not difficult, the difficulty is how to put this entrepreneurial team of outsourcing to write, the Indians can be used to Its loopholes appeared one after another. program, commonly known as Debug.

due to the wrong line planning cycle, and daily arguing with CEO and CTO, App by the outsourcing team wrote "" cannot be used completely in a disastrous state. He urged in rewriting a week after the Indians will send back the installation package, still can not be used, Its loopholes appeared one after another.

"although the program is not good, but the Indian attitude is very good. He said.

a few days later, he can only vent to me through QQ, this is simply a bag of garbage, anger, constantly changing, and even want to rewrite it again.

this App was finally on the shelves in October, when I arrived at the office of his team, in addition to him and CEO have no one. Even more strange is that the next door to other entrepreneurial team office is almost empty.

he smiled and said, here is not good speed, others have to work in the vicinity of the cafe.

"don’t carve time, too many seats too little and not too fast. Garage coffee squeeze

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