The basic model of search engine marketingWest master volt cattle hall face Meng 90 founder told

The biggest role of

three, mix >

wasteful moonlight clan, entrepreneurship, Guo column suddenly felt that not enough money, basically every day not out of the house, out of the house for two dollars for the bus fare, was thin, from 120 pounds to 100 pounds thinner.


natural extension is free, but a natural generalization exists a lot of uncertainty, while SEO can help to get a good ranking, but SEO cannot guarantee% generation success, and SEO is not a short-term effect can be obtained. The enterprise may not have such a long time, just PPC to solve this problem, the so-called "PPC" is the search engine according to your price to give you the corresponding ranking, it saves the work of SEO, enterprises can quickly get a ranking, the premise is that you need to pay a price, here the only factor ranking.

is a natural generalization of that people can be extended to other forms of information through web publishing to search engine, and then through the proper SEO search engine optimization technology makes you need keywords promotion to get an ideal ranking in search engines. Here it is necessary to mention the indexed search engine principle, search engine has one or more search procedures – Spider, the spider is responsible for the retrieval of mass information in the Internet, and then collected into the search engine database, into the machine and artificial classification, the useful information in the search engine the algorithm of ordered search engine, different algorithms are not the same, but the weight is all keywords, links, search engine algorithm three common elements. So do natural promotion, must do SEO, in fact, SEO work is around the key words, links, weights of these three elements to start.

search engine marketing SEM, is the use of the search engine by using user habits, as marketing message to the user, search engine working principle from the essence, the working principle of search engine which belongs to the technical aspects of the problem.

as a senior "otaku", Guo column easier to understand the preferences of young people. According to sh419 promotion big data report, Guo column for the face MOE users painted a picture: subculture status >

many people asked Zhang Tianyi, only the people of Hunan to eat Rice noodles, how big the market? We can assume that, if the barberry church opened sh419 direct number, the people of Hunan and people who come directly in the mobile phone @ sh419 barberry church, to cover the 30% Beijing Hunan people, Beijing people in Hunan some day in the future say barberry church Rice noodles delicious, will spread to the country, the people say barberry church Rice noodles authentic, it means that two hundred million people love Hunan Rice noodles to eat the barberry church.

Zhang Tianyi believes that the biggest bright spot in the Internet, the first is to change the way people and people connect, second is the use of data to restore the label behind the person. For example, barberry church and sh419 to promote cooperation, can know what kind of people eat barberry church, behind the data is a vivid image of the user: 73% are female, 24% male customers there are 12% women together with the people of Hunan, which accounted for 47%.

After the original

Fu Niu Tong Zhang Tianyi: accurate diversion, Changde beef rice noodles sold to Beijing people in Hunan

natural promotion

emerging entrepreneurs after 90, is using business models and concepts, subvert the traditional way of service industry to connect users. Young so headstrong, and their willfulness is also reflected in the sh419 marketing value.

when someone said that he was an Internet thinking rice noodle shop, he always replied stubbornly, "I’m selling traditional beef powder.". No matter how disgusted he was labeled with internet thinking, Zhang Tianyi finally started his own run on the internet.

went to the Internet today, has entered the era of Web 2, it has affected every aspect of our life, the relation between people and the Internet more and more closely, the search engine plays an important role. People through the Internet search engine to find the information they need, the search engine has become the most commonly used information access, the future will be more popular, because of this, the Internet search engine is more and more valued by the enterprises, who do not want to lose this opportunity in Internet era. Therefore, search engine marketing arises at the historic moment, below we will discuss the search engine marketing pattern and the value.

mobile Internet is to precisely connect to target users, as well as to collect, classify, manage and apply consumer data. For traditional enterprises, these needs sh419 direct number of mobile portal diversion and big data portraits can easily meet.


two, PPC

Internet continues to develop, and now the information is growing at an explosive rate. How to find the information you want in the vast Internet, which depends on the search engine. It can provide you with information navigation services that allow you to find information accurately.

lead: because the sale of beef powder, a master of laws in North into the restaurant and the villagers, barberry hall. Because like selling Meng, a group of 90 began to brush face, and then had a face moe. Because not eat home authentic taste, a IT male resignation roasted the hamburger, and the West master.

The so-called

face Meng Guo column: seize the trend of the Internet, and sell Meng Meng

current search engine promotion methods can be divided into natural promotion, bidding promotion, mixed bidding promotion,

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