Pomegranate do Shanghai dragon algorithm upgrade signal to writing ability

this time, through technology to improve the efficiency of technique has become increasingly unworkable, and return to work operation has become an increasingly obvious trend. Now a lot of industry of Shanghai Longfeng, station article, inside chain structure, outside the station outside the chain need artificial brains to think, to design, and in the process, writing ability is a foundation.

station, the chain also need the support of writing ability. When the chain is also the need for editing, copy >

For example,

in the station, if there is a professional background, the most ideal of course is the original, can attract spiders and can ensure the value. Of course, the original need good writing ability. But many industry can not do the original, this time on the need to integrate the so-called pseudo original, and modify the relevant information online, this process needs to consider the problem of design, including the size of the title of the passage arrangement, the chain of natural alternation and so on, but also need to use text if it is a step by step guide customer conversion business type network station. These are the kind of exam of Shanghai dragon is very demanding.

he told me that this situation, really do not understand, Shanghai dragon is not to live? Why do I value writing ability? Thoughtfully, but does not agree with friends said Shanghai dragon is a technology live, but also to do Shanghai Longfeng requires approval of psychological writing ability.

due to the lack of experience, of course, run everywhere, because of an industry in Shanghai is to rely on the experience of the dragon. Not easy to find a barely do not consider the experience of a company to the new mobile phone will, but when asked about the relevant circumstances (mainly test has nothing to do with the potential of Shanghai dragon), who suffered a big blow, because after after the talk, the interviewer think friends copywriting ability is not enough, even to say "for this" Shanghai dragon sharp words.

In fact, not only is the

a friend recently wanted to be diverted, fancy Shanghai dragon in this industry, also don’t know where that told me that this industry very good treatment, but also can learn many things. The man was doing before the program, after the resignation of a month of Shanghai dragon, and then go out looking for work.

why do Shanghai dragon needs some copy ability? This may be unbelievable in a few years ago the Shanghai dragon, but until today, Shanghai dragon to copy has put forward higher requirements. A few years ago the Shanghai dragon, people familiar with the program will be of great advantage, because the amount of success can be achieved certain results, they can batch operation through the program, in order to win. When the love of Shanghai for the quality requirements are not so high, especially outside the chain, the chain has admitted to get a lot of manual operation and mass properties can trace the. But now it seems impossible, the chain with mass, mass and other characteristics can be easily identified, and will be sentenced to the garbage outside the chain, inside the bulk of the collection quality requirements are the same, referring to a new height.

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