Shanghai Longfeng novice to master the transformation journey

3, no power. The Shanghai dragon specialist basically just in the lower Shanghai dragon, great passion to kill

stick to your plan, and constantly sum up, will be able to let you go farther than Shanghai dragon. Set a goal every day, such as a day to see relatives Shanghai dragon blog article and make notes, learning the basics of Shanghai dragon every day, constantly consolidate themselves, adhere to three months, you are the Shanghai dragon field encyclopedia.

[3] do not do the station.

[1] to develop a learning plan, set a period of study, Sike, break.

just contact Shanghai Longfeng novice often feel not good or the Shanghai dragon Shanghai dragon is very difficult, why

1,. Because the contact points are too fragmented, mind a paste

2, shaken. Flow method is not used in Shanghai dragon, dragon can still do promotion from Shanghai

just like Shanghai Longfeng tell you that is the case.


this is a lot of friends will make mistakes, in my mind there is always a wonderful thought that, once you learn on the construction technology, headed to the site, found his shop stall is too big, no time and energy to maintain. For example, one man wanted to build a local community, and use their website technology website set up and divided into several sections: news, snacks, housing, entertainment, gossip, communication and so on, to fill out the site to build the framework, but so many columns need much results is appropriate? Every day the man tired as a dog, looking for pseudo original articles, so the cycle, less than a month to go on.


[2] to have a own site.

honed his Shanghai Dragon Technology in the process of doing stand, is a shortcut to success, just like Shanghai dragon never found any Shanghai dragon ER in zero distance contact the establishment of the case out of Shanghai dragon. For the novice friends, if there is no money to invest can use the free space, now a lot of space business such as nets will provide a free space for the new user experience testing their host, we can use this policy to try to make a stand, close contact details of the site in the process, so that can you learn knowledge and practice, the unity of knowledge and action.

than to choose, if you want to give up the Shanghai dragon is also possible, because the method does flow too much, Shanghai is one of the dragon. But if you really dream of becoming Shanghai dragon master, dozens of people led the team to be responsible for running the company, just like Shanghai Longfeng the article below may help you quickly upgrade……

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