Stand in love on ShangHai Railway Station Shanghai dragon in the user’s point of view

love Shanghai is a company needs to root survival needs to survive and development in Hailai development is the user, love Shanghai’s greatest fear is that one day all China users are no longer love Shanghai search page which has happened may be the user from the fall in love with the sea not search the information they want. Then the feasibility of this method to happen is that love Shanghai that is excellent "in the front row so that users can be found they want to get information from the search. From the perspective of Shanghai Longfeng development, early love Shanghai only through the title tag, metal tag and tag keywords and keyword density, the number of the chain etc. these factors to determine whether a web page is of value to the users, in this period through the stack keywords, the mass of the chain, pseudo original tool station wanton rape the love of Shanghai for a period of time. So love Shanghai had to start to adjust their algorithm to the domain of age, and the addition of relevant adjustment to the garbage station were severely hit. But it is still far away to meet the needs of users, but also need to constantly adjust its algorithm to meet the needs of the majority of Internet users to seek survival and development of love in Shanghai. So the user experience deviation of this application was born, the so-called user experience deviation refers to the judge by the relevant search information gathering a large number of users in a certain period of time the page is really valuable to users. With a concrete example to explain better understand some main keywords: if a web page is "pregnancy precautions" row on the first page of love Shanghai, if there is a user in the search, fell in love with the sea "pregnancy note" the words into your website is your website just stack some pregnant women and precautions Related words Web spam doesn’t include the information he wants then the user will close your web page in the new search notes fell in love with the sea during pregnancy or during pregnancy should pay attention to what issues related words such as ". The user’s behavior is the love of Shanghai can easily record, and a large number of users through the search related words within a specific time period of the behavior to determine whether the page contains the information the user wants. In one of the most simple words of the user experience deviation is to let the user to determine whether a web page ranking value determines its stability. Which leads to the thinking of Shanghai Longfeng this problem from the user’s point of view.

Shanghai dragon with nothing more than the content of the website originality, outside the number of chain chain chain quality widely on many ER Shanghai dragon ran the chain ran to the pseudo original. Who thought of why these factors determine the ranking of a web page? This is nothing but only with a question about "user experience"! Fresh, original content is likely to provide users with the benefits of the original article but is not helpful to users of the article. So today to think from another point of view and we explore the Shanghai dragon.

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1. love Shanghai need what kind of "in front of

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