Site 628 incident was K do you know what is the reason for this


don’t say your website is very formal, love Shanghai garbage, K It is without rhyme or reason. you stand, because this is your complaint, here, Xiaobian summary of many sites are the causes of K in the 628 event, see if you have these problems.

is for after the big update, for >

(two) caused by the reason of K.

4, bad, illegal information.

6, the web server too slow.

8, by Links implicated.


7, website often unmanned area management.


We can see from the

site outside the chain of large mass.

9, such as pop, rich media website; >

platform, the love of Shanghai began to prepare a purification of the Internet garbage information from May, so that the large scale adjustment, is undoubtedly a compulsory means to love Shanghai to purify the Internet environment, if your site is in the low quality of the large amount of information, is undoubtedly K station the preferred.

when I found a large number of sites was K, the first concern is the love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform announcement.

1, a large number of sites collection content.

3, the website title and website content.

(three) algorithm to adjust the love of Shanghai.

ten is a personal summary, if there are different opinions, welcome advice!

There are a large number of advertising channel <

believe that every webmaster all know, in the search engine industry, although love Shanghai in the Chinese leader, but the algorithm is far lower than Google, especially after the launch of the panda algorithm from Google, the search engine will follow, of course is in love in Shanghai. So that is not conducive to the user experience of the site is a waste site, has become the preferred site by K.

(four) about the future development of the website.

5, buy a lot of some website links.

10, the use of black hat optimization ranking Shanghai dragon.


recently, whether webmaster forum, webmaster group or the 628 event is undoubtedly one of the most popular topics, of course, this is also love Shanghai in recent years, the first time such a large adjustment, so that many sites are K, of course, a small site staff also spared, when the site is K when I, like many webmaster, to find the analysis by the reason of K, and summarizes some of the reasons was K, hope to help you master

(a) love Shanghai Webmaster Platform announcement.

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