Some thoughts of the chain website summary

(set of sprocket plans with the blog included were responsible for the blog sprocket, using what software, how much money, the daily workload is much)

1). Keywords information release title, if there are a large number of long tail keywords list, a large number of these long tail keywords to split combination, get a lot of information, in the weight of the big B2B forum.


upload love (this is a Shanghai library through the collection of high quality, is conducive to the rankings, must draw text and at the same time. Word to draw text links), it is a good way, need a lot of professional knowledge. Make everyday work plan to complete the implementation of. (for library information, how to ensure the daily release of documents are included? A few articles published daily for


4. blog built (the available software) but should pay attention to the letter of blog, blog groupware what software to use, if the blog is used in data acquisition and pseudo original effect will be how to do? How many see will have the effect of blog

this afternoon at the station on site of recent rankings broken my mobile, ranking has refused to come up, I am very tangled, after discussion with my friends, I summed up the construction work and the chain every day to do, we used several methods in the.

1. to the forum with a URL, this can be considered the BBS signature, use of existing resources. (the number of links in the forum above reply every address in reply, many forum reply will not be included, and whether the industry related forum)

3) enterprise website of the.B2b website, if the enterprise can publish news anchor text with the anchor text, as far as possible not to directly copy and paste, to collect the pseudo original or other. (work plan, after the acceptance of the work, an analysis of quality of information released every day that are included, which is not included? )

6. B2B site information release, to send some outside the chain of high quality information, the information to consider the following:

2).B2b provides two or three sites to set out alone, add Links based website.

2. independent blog comments, collect the blog PR, Alexa ranking, and the presence of the NF attribute (the number of comments per day reply, reply link address records)

3. in V guest release task, answer the questions with a URL, all station site, answer a have all stand connection, the quality is relatively high. Love Shanghai temporarily don’t know, but you can have sex in Shanghai know the relevant keywords ranking. (released every day to answer several questions, how many people? How much is the cost of their own people is v guest can solve this question?) can be counted as part of the promotion, detailed to work a day.


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