Two days after the hot key words to enhance the beloved Shanghai home what use

Hello, I am Shanghai Longfeng Jones, the last time I shared the "new one month in A5, let popular keywords into Shanghai before the 2 pages of secret love!", have not seen the students may have a look. Today, to tell you: the words "Beijing Shanghai dragon" Shanghai dragon Jones website was increased to seventh home love Shanghai. So, Jones will continue to share my prior to operation, to give you the future site optimization master.

how to let visitors will be attracted, and the more you browse the web, enhance PV, residence time? This is the stage of Shanghai dragon must want to think.

first, front face, must be the most wonderful present to you, not what nutrition articles do not appear as far as possible, if you can hide (but do not delete the best).

website popular keywords into the search results before the two page love Shanghai, any one of the visitors to the site and his subsequent actions will determine the site quality of love Shanghai as reference. So, there are two key points of all the students to grasp the Shanghai dragon

2, visitor website after the search engine is the key of this evaluation stage.

has two elements: one is the keyword statement, another is the website brand name. If you compare the common statement keywords, website brand name (like my website brand name is Shanghai dragon Jones, a visitor can arouse curiosity) must be carefully planned, content must be attractive. How to the site name Jones Shanghai Longfeng site has experience to share, because of the limited space is not much to say.

secondly, how the relationship between the? When he was interested in an article, whether it will be attracted to a read? At this time is closely related to the wonderful recommendation, with attractive title and description, will further play power, the continuing impact of visitors.

When the !

my approach is to strengthen the attractive call in the home, and in the layout of these calls attractive articles within the chain, visitors to form a complete impression and full of charm. And I will for the article with pictures by West Point standards more stringent demands on themselves. "

can express the content of the title, when his eyes are attracted to the title, then landed website description. This time the description copywriting is manifested. You can further make the site impression more plump, more attractive to him, if he wants to come to see that our purpose is achieved, and the woman actually plastic make-up attract mature man is a bit like, oh.

title in the search results is the most eye-catching, it determines whether the visitor attraction Yimushixing browsing focused on your website, a unique title help click. This is the website of the first day of on-line decision, so we should pay attention to the start position.

1, to attract users to click on the title and description.

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