The operation concept of the 2017 Shanghai fast ranking Shanghai dragon of love

love Shanghai can continue to be optimistic about business, do the bidding in Shanghai love inside do promotion, thanks to the love of Shanghai’s huge user search group. In Shanghai, search users, love triangle in this business, the user is the cornerstone of survival in the love of Shanghai, now more and more attention to the needs of users, the user experience of the market environment, how can love Shanghai search ranking algorithm does not change.

content page, to remember a word: Although we are talking about the original content, but the content is not equal to the original high quality content. High quality content to meet the search needs of users, is the user really need. In addition, we also want to think a bit, your site is user oriented or oriented search engine. According to the direction of the same then to the end result may not be the same. (oriented search engine we are considering more frequency, density and keywords appear, in order to increase the content of

on the website, the content is always indispensable, once the user enters the site and found no self.


website template


one may ask two and cannot see? I told you, now you can, really can!!! Why do you say, this is from the love triangle in Shanghai start.


when many owners in the construction of the new site is directly to the template, this hint, many industries with large CMS group (JianShe Railway Station station group website for low quality website), lead to a search engine for many templates do not favor. The template can be, but it is best to re create a new suit for.


second points, I think it is necessary to mention the love of Shanghai at present stage of development, with the development of search engines, browsing algorithm is also more and more attention to the user. This is not the time to fall in love with the sea started development put a lot of content filling, to meet the needs of different users search times. Now just a search at the page included in the basic level, tens of millions of millions or even billions of some hot words to show results. Then the problem, Shanghai is now the lack of love? The answer is missing, but the lack of is to satisfy the requirements of search content! Love Shanghai official announcement made it clear, really can meet the information needs of users accounted for only 7% of the total Internet! How low! This love point relates to the sea algorithm is site visits and bounce rate.

search environment

on the web content to the layout of the key words, whether it is starting from Shanghai dragon’s point of view, or from the user’s point of view, we should first understand the user search habits, users often know to search for those words. In this search, and the content of the construction of high quality can be more effective.


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