Through the observation of remove the web page anchor text hope reincluding

second: through the actual analysis, recently Shanghai love right down the website a lot, I a lot of optimization ranking is down, no way can try, finally feeling to a domain name effect can be much better in these new domain names which are basically not these problems, so ranking up much better love may now indeed against the Shanghai sea dragon, anyway, when doing the optimization so try not to.


look like to modify the site’s home page may let love Shanghai included.

Through the above analysis to confirm the

third: update the website homepage, and remove some reprint articles, this is a spider to leave a good impression, strive to grab, not grasping cannot be updated and included home, in fact I don’t know why I will be K off, my article is the original, I doubt >

I feel it should be so few problems, site optimization excessive, there are a lot of reproduced or pseudo original articles, a large number of Links or the connection is not normal, repeat, description of the title of the website through this tedious, I had some website home page adjustment, following the first say where it draws several conclusions.

A lot of articles by

second: reduce the website keyword density, such as keywords where suspected of cheating, which not only reduces the keyword density, also let the site become very natural, so as not to have suspected of cheating, such as my

: first, through a large number of articles online speculation, and now have a lot of people say the K station, I analyzed a lot, we feel that the most is the problem, at least more than 80% articles said excessive optimization and Links these problems.

Not a natural place where

first, removed first of all anchor text links to websites, as natural as possible, such as links in the upper part of the links at the bottom are removed, this is mainly to love Shanghai think we are not excessive optimization or optimize to optimize, don’t underestimate the anchor text, a lot of time is here the problem of removing temporary feel good.

third: always said customer experience of the love of Shanghai, since the degree of customer experience, it would not have to optimize the site, to nature, and is suitable for search engines crawl.

are removed, replaced with natural profile, and there is little stack keywords, is not good, but also to the customer experience.

Hello, I am Harbin actual web design, has recently been trying to make love to Shanghai included my website, but the delay is not included, the chain to do a lot, is not what role, have seen a lot of blog today try to site included into the line adjustment, anyway. Not included, as the test, maybe there is a turnaround.

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