Mobile Games Xinzheng fled North Canton Begonia Papi live fish review of four recent marketing ev

7 has just more than half, but several important things happened at Bell’s circle of friends.


the first thing: in July 1st, the "mobile game publishing services management notice" formally entered into force. Even before the game Html5 game on the line also need to apply for the game code, which means "surrounded by nervous cat kind H5 game again within two or three days will not be detonated, the original game industry good day" streaking "on-line head, and the other end to push it executive teams wearing a" westward journey "the T-shirt running in the high streets and back lanes.

second things: July 8th, flight steward launched "I bought 30 tickets waiting for you at the airport: 4 hours after fleeing North Canton" campaign started or was overwhelmed with admiration for. Followed by more and more users began to question this activity, negative voice quickly overshadowed the praise.

third things: in July 8th, the release of the big fish Begonia in spite of interception in the topic of 2 billion 780 million micro-blog reading, but won the box office but lost the word of mouth. "Last year" king return "confidence in the domestic animation saved up, is" big fish "Begonia one-time lost light", was also questioned the feelings of speculation".

fourth things: July 12th, Papi paste the film in the United States and other eight platforms broadcast, although the number of online break 20 million, but the live effect apparently did not meet expectations, on the "little interaction, content is too weak," Papi sauce is too tight "and other kinds of Tucao flooding the network, the" Papi sauce "video series has been ordered to rectification. While the other side of the United States and the United States to shoot the native AIKE were sought after.

what? Users out of control? Before the spread of the main marketing tactics collective failure? These seemingly accidental coincidence of the strange situation of marketing communications is hiding a greater spread of crisis.

does not know the true face of Mount Lu, just because in the pit


marketing events although the story is different, but the outcome is very similar, although the policy is Mobile Games stumbled, the latter three are concentrated on public opinion, but the bottom is out of control, they made the same mistake, fell into the most common marketing communication in the trap.

a window trap

in the marketing communication to one of the enterprises, or public relations firm customary practice is: take the money to drop, PR delete draft involved, ignore. They live on the assumption that information channels can be controlled. As the window opened, you can enjoy the show, close is shady, so they used to boast a show, or remove draft delete posts, so in the "North Canton" this activity when micro-blog for new world negative constantly, the new world is a means in delete micro-blog to shield the negative voice, at the same time micro-blog and micro-blog pictures through a reply to question and doubt on the activities of the user trap (not friends broke the news, and parties confirmation), finally again in July 12th to modify the answer. This is just in

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