The old master to teach you how to exchange website Links

The correlation between several commonly used method for Links What time

started to change Links

! !In 3,

1, in some Adsense exchange forum posting links section. For example, in the A5 forum link exchange forum released on exchange information, specify your links and leave your contact information, if your site has a certain weight value, generally people will take the initiative to come.


website how to exchange Links? This is many new owners often ask a question. In the love of Shanghai "Links search" and "exchange Links" and other words, in the relevant search appear below there are a number of similar do Links keywords, how to exchange Links, see a lot of stationmaster on this issue is not very clear. I know there are many webmaster exchange Links often without choice, or is more one-sided only by each website PR value, love Shanghai snapshots and several other factors included the amount of free exchange! In my opinion, the exchange of Links not so simple. Below I do stand experience to introduce how to exchange Links.

2, the old station itself, if the weight is good, can increase the Links began to love Shanghai snapshot update after a fixed period of time, the best to exchange several, mainly fine, not too much! If the change when the modified Title Description, and even the replacement program and die plate, then put it as a new view, please refer to the above method for linking the new

2, released in Links link information exchange platform. For example, in the go9go Links platform link information is very effective, not only can help you change to appropriate Links, can also increase the chain to your site

content 1, the other site. The theme of the content as far as possible to choose their own website high correlation of sites to exchange links. To my site Ningbo 0574movie movie network as an example, in exchange Links, can love Shanghai and other search engines, looking for some with Ningbo, movie, movie tickets and other related keywords website to exchange friendship.

fell in love with the sea search and their own website with the same or similar content sites, or add some Links exchange QQ group, which is a more feasible method, new webmaster can try.

how to choose the most suitable Links

1, the new station, if time is established within a month the site, suggestions as far as possible do or not do Links, don’t pay particular attention to your site and not what correlation and love Shanghai low weight web site links, the construction of the chain should be soft, buy links or own hands other websites and blogs and other resources to drive. In short, new sites should as far as possible the use of content and user experience to enhance the Shanghai love weight, if love can realize the next day Shanghai snapshot update and included the page to reach a certain number, you can start to exchange

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