The Sogou really makes us turn iron into steel Sogou search

Compared to the


360 Sogou search and search, is also a veteran of the search engine, much earlier than the 360 started a search, Sogou search, but the search engine is made in the worst experience poor domain, poor search results included speed, bad, when I talk to Sogou search, there is always a earnestly feel. Always look forward to the Sogou search can be developed, but always can not see Sogou breakthrough, waiting, will lose confidence, for the future of search dogs, individuals are not optimistic about the. Sogou input method to do very well, the browser is also very good, why do not the search engine.

Sogou search is being gradually forgotten, and with 360 browser growth, Sogou search will be further eroded, just now, I checked the domestic browser market share, according to CNZZ statistics, the current IE browser market share was 39.9%, ranked second in the.

for the domain name, Sogou heart clearly than anyone else, and some even plan to negotiate over the Sogou on the SOGO and sougou of the two domain name, in my opinion, Sogou is not got the two domain name is not important, even if the two domain names to Sogou, Sogou market share has greatly improved the rate will not Sogou is not a good name, how frustrating are just so so. The domestic search engine market now, is love in Shanghai and 360 in the world, even three year old children all know love Shanghai, on TV, on the Internet, you can see love Shanghai search box everywhere, and 360 searches rely on powerful browser market and the latest television occupies a huge traffic entrance and even if there is no browser support, with 360 search: so, than Sogou to a lot of domineering. Although the 360 eventually failed to get 360 points COM domain name, but the 360 should not give up, perhaps in the near future, so will now jump to the 360 point com is not possible.

when the Tencent incorporated into Sogou soso, I seem to see a glimmer of hope, to analyze the results of as many people, 1+1 is not greater than 2, after the search into Sogou, add up to two of the search engine market share has declined, so I was disappointed again. Sogou why there has been no breakthrough, the main problem is in the domain name to the body, the original establishment of Sogou search engine, use the Sogou domain name itself is a mistake, I never use Sogou search, never know, Sogou domain name is SOGO, or sougou, or Sogou, in addition to Sogou this domain is in the hands of the hands of Sogou, SOGO and sougou are not in the hands of sougou and Sogou, turned out to be a pet website, do not know what he thought of Sogou, and how many people will enter the sougou Sogou error.

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