The use of noble baby analytic monitoring love Shanghai biddingkeywords effect

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use the URL builder to create a noble baby tool only access URL with markers for each keyword. The URL is only used to track, love Shanghai for keywords effect. (can use this URL to achieve the search term monitoring, with respect to some little trouble.

to continue, adding GA tracking code for the website to complete.

also love Shanghai promotion account is not only a key or a promotion unit, the promotion plan can all be clearly traced. Tim noble baby Analytics (analysis) tool builder >.

in the face of overwhelming distorted domestic search market growth, Google China exit in Hongkong after the server is not stable, several other domestic search engine time is also very difficult climate conditions, Shanghai is still in love with the domestic search market big brother position. The user search share is more and more one-sided situation, as advertisers user enterprises rely more and more and love Shanghai, love Shanghai bidding is particularly important in most of the minds of advertisers. Then, a lot of SEMer know that although from the purchase price in terms of a single keyword, the price is not high, but if the purchase of ten, one hundred, one thousand the price is no longer a few keywords, dozens of pieces so simple. So, to have to put the high budget for advertising every day, we ought to use the budget does wisely, search engine marketing should be fine marketing is often heard to precision marketing, how to know that investment is reasonable? Investment can bring much in return? These questions are each advertiser to meet. How to monitor the love of Shanghai bidding, analysis tool is needed to achieve. Noble baby Analytics (analysis) is a good analysis tool for free. In the noble baby Analytics (analysis) to add a new configuration file for new website or existing sites add a new configuration file.


uses the noble baby Analytics (analysis) tools URL builder of bidding keywords love Shanghai in marker to distinguish the natural flow and paid traffic keywords sources.

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