Change the optimization ideas make your site flow breakthrough

here is the webmaster optimization is the embodiment of wisdom, I often hear a lot of new owners said that the industry competition is very difficult, the industry has a full load or something. In the opinion of the author.

what is the relationship?

example two: a travel site, a competition in the industry is relatively large. The stationmaster was at first on the website a late start, the team understaffed, cannot compete effectively such as tourism, tourist routes, travel agency "this kind of words. But at the same time, the leadership is still only asked to see the results drop ~ this time our bitter small station is how to do it? Here to praise a God, the idea is really our webmaster through the program far beyond reach, generate a huge amount of "city to city A B, city A to ticket prices city B air route, A city to city B flight" page, and then through the arrangement of these pages the local variety of beautiful landscape to obtain a large number of orders and flow. White here may have doubts, inside a relationship with example, adoption of infertility is very obvious, this example with the tourist ticket

of infertility medical website, industry competition is more needless to say, the search engine to crackdown. Under this background, a new industry in the capital, resources are similar under the condition you want to succeed is very difficult, but how to do this? The boss look at results, our young master brains came up with an idea, he avoided the fierce competition in the infertility, choice of seemingly unrelated "adoption the adoption of children, and children’s welfare homes" as the site subject, then through the content arrangement of station page to guide visitors to consider infertility treatment, was one of the huge flow of quality.

here involves a on audience analysis and matching, general travel can choose the aircraft, compared with higher income and life style of fashion, which is also the main audience of tourism. It can be said that the two group is highly matched, but also through the air ticket has relatively higher quality than the customer flow directly through tourism attracted the audience.


of low cost, easy operation, these two major labels to say, nature is the work on the Shanghai dragon. Well, not wrong, here to say, is the webmaster for website optimization problems. A good idea, can let your traffic get explosive growth. This topic may seem long old living here, but for the industry people, is still a topic worthy of study. The author here to give two optimization industry famous case:

For example: a

how to get effective mass flow has been standing are the most troublesome problem, bidding, the third party, although these measures effectively extrapolated? Flow can be obtained in large quantities, but either need to spend a lot of money, or need a lot of manpower, or need a lot of resources. For general webmaster, do these, often seem powerless. Is there a way to lower cost, and the actual operation of the general webmaster can

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