How about right down new ranking rebirth

down the right site to find out the reason of website drop right


The selection and distribution of

2. keywords

no matter what happens, will have its antecedents and consequences down the right site as well. If the website had not done what, ranking is out of the It is without rhyme or reason., can only say is love Shanghai database update, which ranked not see some data loss. Find out why website right down is not easy, there are a lot of experience in the Shanghai dragon Er is not can be the direct cause of right down in a short period of time, through continued speculation and testing in order to obtain a relatively close reason. Want to find the right down the cause as soon as possible, we need to make any of the usual site operation to record, as in the down right after we go looking for clues. And right down my website after the investigation this time is that the optimization technique is excessive, including keywords Fletcher, low update frequency, outbound links too much, the website brush flow more deadly.

uses div+css to the layout, so the source code will be relatively simple to love Shanghai spider crawling; simplify the program code, the program has a redundant code like no calls to the JS program can be deleted.

1. website optimization framework

site right down badly, the recovery time is relatively long, there may be a month, some may be six months or more, this is to see the Shanghai dragon Er It differs from man to man. what measures. That is not to say which method works on the recovery of the weights of the website is very good, this is my personal common way.

, to determine the site right down

Three, how to solve the


from the website included snapshot, keywords ranking, determine the site right down to the extent, when the website snapshot file, or stay updated content has not included even when not also website main keywords no ranking, it can be concluded that this site weight is very low. When the website snapshot and included are normal, ranking no collapse just off the back of a few pages, which means that the site right down program is relatively low.

do you have found that, when a site is down right, if much of our optimization efforts, to update the content more, the chain do good, ranking still wholly intact? Yesterday I posted a "popular keyword optimization is invalid, this article" ranking not pick up in me after a difficult single mentioned, because before that station optimization approach does not lead to reasonable people love Shanghai down the right, the current situation is not optimistic about the ranking, the updated content has not included. So this is like love Shanghai right down the railway station, how do we deal with, how to make "reborn" right down to below the new ranking? My personal experience to talk back also webmaster friends can learn.

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