O2O is the fire to jump into the circle

nearly a year ago, when the concept of O2O was put forward, many people have voted to love the eyes. In the development of mobile Internet, at the beginning, when this seemingly unrealistic idea was discovered, people with good prospects for the future of the mobile Internet, have to the future commercial commanding sway heavily. Then, the result is not as gorgeous and colorful people think.

Vice President Ali Qiu Changheng wireless division in this evaluation is: (O2O) in my opinion it is more like a fire last year, many companies, like some group purchase industry companies have jumped, so far I have not seen climbing out of the. Qiu Zong’s sentence summary, very vivid description of the development of recent years in this industry, but for the O2O in this field, this is not the most spectacular phenomenon.

mobile Internet after a year of development, has shown great potential for development. This, for a start in the land mobile hard public comment should be deep. According to statistics, the public comment reached 60 million monthly active users. In the mobile client, the public comment has to cover 64 million users, mobile monthly traffic accounted for more than 70% of total traffic. In the group purchase business last year, total consumption of 60 million copies of group purchase coupons.

Qiu Changheng said in the above summary, then added: "even if it is to jump into the fire pit, Taobao." A lot of people will be curious, what is the reason, let the officials a well-known enterprises to make such a conclusion? Why know is a fire but also desperate to jump? Perhaps this is the charm of O2O.

has a bright future and great, the key lies in whether the participants persist, can continue to consume. It can be said is one of a O2O, clearly visible pie, but also let you touch it, we need to put the telescope at the foot of the forward to overcome hardships and dangers.

In fact,

at the same time, in the face of the O2O very good prospects, the public comment recently opened a new electronic membership card function and reservation function, this is the launch of public comment again overweight O2O group purchase. It can be said that the mobile intelligent terminal has become a personal "treasure box", through which we can realize the past can not imagine the business model, Amoy to the previously envisaged gold. At present, O2O is still a new business model, is still in the period of development of the need to adhere to, dare to jump into the fire pit, the courage and the real.

everyone knows that, with the development of mobile Internet, in addition to the traditional advertising industry will gradually mature and stable in the mobile terminal, such as O2O on the mobile terminal is convenient, allowing users to enjoy the new consumption mode whenever and wherever possible discount. Compared with the traditional consumption mode predetermined PC side, more randomness, get rid of the shackles of the planned consumption, O2O more freedom, the potential for greater consumption.

It can be said that the O2O

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