Love Shanghai share the real significance of the Shanghai Dragon

since Shanghai share love turned out, immediately by all the stationmaster on the altar, for a time many owners like to herd their website and love Shanghai share the code, and even have begun looking for ways to share the number of brush, because in many webmaster will share that love Shanghai give your website to bring good rankings love Shanghai. To add your website code to share love Shanghai has become among the most effective means of the Shanghai dragon.

Figure 1

2. by adding love Shanghai share code, can

love Shanghai to share what’s in it for Adsense? Let’s take a look at love Shanghai to share the official description:

share button through the love of Shanghai, the pages on your site will be more likely to be found by search engines love Shanghai, and thus have the opportunity to love from Shanghai to search more traffic.

share button through the love of Shanghai, you can get free to share detailed statistical analysis. You will understand what users on the site to share what SNS, what is the daily number of share, help you better tracking and analysis, to encourage users to share, bring more traffic to the site.

share button through love Shanghai, your visitors can easily share content on your website to renren贵族宝贝 happy net, QQ, Sina, micro-blog and other SNS site space spread, bringing more traffic to your website.

so, in my opinion to the webmaster to share love Shanghai Shanghai dragon idea is:


love Shanghai "Shanghai dragon" part of the search results page screenshot

must first webmaster are clear, and the popular share plug-in is the same effect; and some recently saw the love Shanghai share related articles, found that many webmaster misunderstood the second meaning, in their view of love into Shanghai to share accounting keywords ranking algorithm, as long as the "add love Shanghai share, get love Shanghai rankings, so as to obtain rich return flow. In fact, the second point is actually want to tell us is the love of Shanghai share, "will be more likely to be found in the search engine love Shanghai. So the overall web site will increase, so as to bring traffic to improve the website. The third is to offer us some reference data.

1. Shanghai will share regardless of love love Shanghai included in the ranking algorithm, and Google on the PR value of the processing algorithm, it can share the love of Shanghai and the PR value than well, you will understand that love Shanghai share included in the rankings are unlikely. At least from the current results, love Shanghai share did not affect the keywords ranking, and not add love Shanghai sharing web site can row in front, and not to be shared many of the site can be in the front row. This conclusion is now possible in haste, we can slowly to observe.

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