Also said that the search engine punishment cheating points system

search for cheating judgment should be very easy, because white hat and black hat is not so clear to the difference, or that cheating is diversified, now no one should use the same method of cheating! Search engine on the rationality of cheating judgment should be based on the integral the system is based on cheating, did not find a cheating, give the site plus a cheat points, when the score reaches a certain value when cheating is to give different degrees of punishment. Or, this integral to or beyond the site itself will have a significant weight score ranking performance.

had previously seen the search engine punishment is arbitrary, only feel the noble baby is judging mechanism for cheating, but love Shanghai is probably the very casual. This view is ZAC said in Shanghai Longfeng actual combat password in the book, after a period of observation and friends exchange, find love and Shanghai each big search engine is a mechanism for cheating judgment, we may say that a integral system, is has a cheating assessment scoring system.

understand the search engine punishment.

of a kind of cheating, and how to judge the cheating behavior is not the focus of this article, Cheng Yi in the search engine optimization of Shanghai Longfeng judgment conditions and requirements of the cheating also talked about, interested friends can see.

is obvious, the scoring mechanism of nobility baby is very accurate and practical, which is one reason why not often nobility baby K station. But love Shanghai is relatively slow, we can understand for technical reasons, only hope so. Recently, we all know ZAC is the Shanghai dragon ranking fluctuations, at present in the normal, exclude the site itself, can be considered to be external influence, which is a waste of the chain can be understood as the frame, or "cheating", increases the integral and cheating immediately cause fluctuating, but it is very recovery. Personally think that is completely love Shanghai dull phenomenon caused by the evaluation mechanism based on the love of Shanghai is quickly identify spam links, this sincere love in Shanghai cares more about the spam links are mentioned, but its recognition of this meaning but slow a lot, this process takes time, this can be used to explain the often love changes Shanghai ranked, also has a reasonable side.

believes that every Shanghai dragon friends are used to optimize the means of cheating, there are also many and not punished or affect the ranking, we tend to think of the search engine found no such cheating, in fact, the search has found cheating, and to record. As for not affected, just because of the cheating and not to be punished, that is not integral. When enough is bad, so when the penalty is found, remember oneself once the optimization is very necessary, after all, specific treatment of specific issues is the most effective way. For example, we have to buy links, worked as spam links, keywords accumulation etc..

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