Four kinds of survival of the fittest survival of the fittest in natural selection to be eliminated


this is the nature of the survival of the fittest survival of the fittest in natural selection, an everlasting rule. In the webmaster industry circle the same rules apply. At the end of 2012 this year, we will see the webmaster circle is a turbulent year, love Shanghai this year several big update, 360 search turned out etc.. So many owners struggling to cope with the many webmaster in this kind of situation has been eliminated, so that some of the remnants of the owners generally have what similarities? The author will briefly share four easily eliminated several webmaster type. The author does not want to talk, just want to give if there are following a friend a little warning.

a good site is not a short duration of time things, as an ordinary personal webmaster, I think many problems exist in some aspects of the. In this disadvantage a lot of people still do not think clearly stand to see which type of website can make money, like a swarm of bees rushed. And now the domain name server and including station costs are very low, a few hundred dollars can make a website and. There is only a certain theme of the site there are success stories, many personal Adsense blindly follow the trend. As two years before the rise of the network group purchase group purchase website, the success of the number has been turned up geometrically, but we see that this year a large number of network group purchase is in a complete mess, according to the survival rate of less than 40%. On the Internet this battlefield are often achieves guku million. To copy the successful model of the site I do not object to our webmaster, but please think about yourself in this respect there is no advantage to participate in the competition before the imitation and replication. Otherwise will eventually be empty.

muzike will do Shanghai Longfeng, even we can find that most of the webmaster is to do the Shanghai dragon Er, and then start their own website. Do Shanghai Longfeng for our site is very helpful, but it also has shortcomings, that is, long period of search engine problem dependence etc.. In this love.

The first kind of

second: two ears do not hear out of the window of the personal webmaster

: webmaster

third: only Shanghai dragon chief

there is an old saying: "two ears do not hear out of the window only read the book." This word is used in the study can be used to describe the study hard, work hard. We can also use Adsense in this industry is used to describe a webmaster attention, it is not to say that we as a webmaster every day staring at the computer, do Shanghai dragon every day? No, individual stationmaster otherwise the time should be ended, in individual stationmaster congenital resource shortage, exchanges and cooperation between us to implement the "going out" principle and other webmaster. As a personal webmaster we should pay more attention to other successful sites, analysis of their mode of operation and success of the road, and then make use of this information.

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