Millet founder Lei Jun the next ten years is still the golden years of entrepreneurship in the past

[Abstract] the founder Lei Jun millet in the GGV 15 annual meeting, "the next 10 years mobile wave will influence the two important positions which made preaching, and judgment" in the next ten years is still the golden ten years of entrepreneurship, this is undoubtedly a shot in the arm for the Internet and business. According to the theme of the speech excerpts from Lei Jun.


This year’s

market was a bit of a let cannot read the first half of this year, the second half of the cold heat mad, mad, the entire business environment change radically daxitaibei, ups and downs. On Friday we shun fund to do an annual meeting, individual entrepreneurs feel very depressed, feel a little confused, I communicate with them when they said, this year the market has changed China, like 58 drops drops quickly with the acquisition of the fair, the two day, where to Ctrip, there are new. With the U.S. group and the public comment. They feel that in a very short period of time, these companies quickly become giants in the Chinese market, these giants after the impact of entrepreneurs who have

?Two weeks ago

, I heard a very interesting, "said the future belongs to the young people, the future belongs to the entrepreneurs, but after all belong to BAT, including some people say behind the four merger mentioned above are the invisible hand in the manipulation of BAT. We doubt this will not have a big impact on the innovation of China.

, however, I am very optimistic. Why?

as early as 2005, the BAT pattern is not formed in 10 years ago China on the market the most powerful is the three major portals, we feel that this terrible three portals capping, they seem to be doing what they are, China Internet business seems to have no chance. In fact, it did not take long to get up a huge wave, and then up the BAT, in fact, is a round of iteration.

mobile start and take off

10 years ago, I also feel the pressure is huge, in the environment of the Internet for so many giants, a start-up company want to grow up, I think it is very difficult. But I was like this: 10 years ago, we should look at the scenery after 10 years, how will people use the Internet in the next 10 years. If the Internet does not progress, then the pattern of the three portals is difficult to break, of course, I really did not foresee that BAT became so fast that they are several times larger than the size of the pattern of ten.

I was thinking, if you want to choose a new business opportunity, what should I choose? Because he is a mobile phone fancier, so I think the mobile phone Internet is the trend of the future, the next 10 years is the mobile Internet world. Although 10 years ago, the environment or the 2G network, mobile phone is NOKIA, so slow bandwidth of Internet transmission is very difficult, a web site are almost inaccessible, but I firmly believe that this is the future.

so I want to go to the market to see if there is anyone to do mobile

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