How fast out of love Shanghai period so that the new station to obtain the ideal ranking

now in the era of the Internet, almost every day there are countless new birth, also means that the new station of new hope, but the new station should be the ideal ranking is not easy, not only included the weight and other favorable factors, but also must have a difficult time – love Shanghai period.

integrated the above two cases, the author thinks that the webmaster should according to their own situation to choose, if you ask the user cannot provide excellent web site experience in a short period of time, then do not install on the love of Shanghai, until the website content rich, the chain number is sufficient to install.

love Shanghai period is a very let people eat no things, some new sites may be a few days spent, but some of it to a month or more months to spend, what is the impact of the factors? The author of a new hand, in just 19 days for love in Shanghai period, and all have good keywords ranking:

(2) and second cases in the first case, if the site is not good enough, the user experience is not good enough, the bounce rate is quite high, then love spiders in Shanghai will be more clear to you of how a site is of low quality, so it will lengthen love Shanghai period of time, make your site to spend more time in order to obtain the energy ranking.

(1) the content of the website and the chain you are doing very well, but the user experience is very good, the bounce rate is very low, so this time love Shanghai statistics is a let you quickly out of the sword, because love Shanghai spiders can more recognition of your website easier to give the ideal ranking;

second: early should put most of their energies in the

: the first station at the beginning of the careful installation of love Shanghai statistics this double-edged sword

the time has now belongs to Shanghai Dragon 3, it means that the chain for the emperor before the times long past, but many owners still think hell-bent chain is the most in need of new material, so constantly in the forum, blog and other crazy some of the low quality of the chain, the website update behind this will only extend the love Shanghai more time. The correct approach is the first new station site.

I also got some results quickly out of the Shanghai love experience through this practice, and let everybody share it.

love love Shanghai Shanghai statistics is used a statistical web traffic tool, is also one of the main station site traffic analysis tool, but I think the new station should not follow the flow, immediately install love Shanghai statistics. Love Shanghai statistics is a double-edged sword, because the love of Shanghai statistics need to install code embedded in our website source code, let love Shanghai along the spiders can this code on the web crawling and grab web traffic information, this is equivalent to the entire site exposed in front of the spider love Shanghai. This will lead to two cases:

website content

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