A website of a hotly contested spot of the title how to make the title of resources to play a great

your web page title or even can decide your entire website title set is of vital importance, so important! The novice in planning a web site, the most important is the central idea of establishment of your website, what is what to do? It must be clear, get do you understand what the site is not clear, you will not in the Shanghai dragon world mixed up;

! is a hotly contested spot! website! ?

on the Internet to the needs of users for the purpose to do sites are some of the rubbish site.

we must first analyze the user’s search intention, and in-depth mining, will meet the needs of users of the words placed in the most prominent position title, and also with the intention of potential users; only in this way, we can be the title of resources to maximize the excavation, so that we can occupy a favorable position to attract. More users click on the

then put the site title in what words, what place? How to do to maximize the value of


to find a decoration company, and is native to Suzhou;

some people, greedy heart mischief, do a station, want to put a lot of things have to include, for example, a hospital website, what male, what what beauty gynecological, · · · · · to the inside; a product stand, this product is do not want to do another also do, what to do in this site, lead to the lack of core key, do not know what to do and what a

no, you want to find a reasonable price, and.

After determining the direction of

and user groups, so the most important thing is to analyze the needs of users, get the user search keywords, your key is placed in the most precious resources, in order to improve its maximum value of

analysis: I as a representative of the user, search for what purpose of decoration company in Suzhou "

we love Shanghai "Suzhou decoration company"

you know your site what you want to do? To determine the direction, the second is the internal layout, then set the direction, users would settle down, because our website is to give users see, we need to understand the real needs of users.


is a little abstract; we come here we have a really real gun knife of the sand table:

?The factors that exist in

analysis of the potential demand: the decoration company is not a lot, just to find a line

title, resource is the core element of a website; the title, one of the most eye-catching elements; the title, a broad outline of the core of the ancient Shanghai Dragon Master er; the

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