A person makes a station and optimize within two months of the core keywords stability

statement, this article in view of Shanghai Longfeng novice master drifting… For the beginner’s execution and write this article for the love Shanghai effect is obvious.

learn empathy for the sake of users:


The first

no matter how a site, regardless of how to optimize all cannot do without the content, website content determines the website ranking, the content well, you have no chain, no resources, you can still put the key words do go up, it is difficult to say the Shanghai dragon, said it is simple actually very simple, as long as we understand that the essence of principle it is easy to implement. Say good website ranking, but the death is too difficult to stabilize, for example, like love, people often say that love easy to get along, but easy to spend the hard to keep a love really is not easy, I was deep, oh, say to do, have something to love love again. In fact, it is also the site in the same way, you love him, he loves you, you take it to maintain good, it will also double to you.

people, regardless of work, or in all aspects to learn empathy, so too can easily feel each other’s pain, the other’s needs. In our website, the first important thing is to focus on the degree of customer experience to do, to do the website subject clear, clear levels. In the promotion of their products, but also to consider the customer, the customer is how to think, why is this product than other expensive? The quality of this product will guarantee the customer service service? How is it? And so on, there are a series of problems, the user may think, you did not think. I just want you to solve problems for customers, meet customer requirements, customer trust, you will become a single, not


website promotion method for, you can use a method, and to achieve the ultimate, you can still be successful, well, nonsense is not to say, I give my experience tell you, so can be divided into 3 directions, one for you to listen to me.

the content of the website should focus on the preferred site keywords to do the theme, the theme of industry is also OK, but don’t deviate from the industry itself, as if you are doing the bearing itself but you had a garment, so the effect is not good, it is very professional, website content.

what to do:



first of all, to understand the core of the business enterprises, understand their industry points, according to the website of the main core of the web site keywords, to several main words like big words, three is good, then do the content according to their main keywords, for example, our Tianjin Saimeirui company website positioning so a few words, import bearings, Tianjin imported bearings, NSK bearings. Rankings are basically stable, if you don’t believe you can search the words to see. Well, the website core words like, into the direction of the next big.

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