How fun love Shanghai PPC


for landing page? The first page for landing page is search user click after entering the keyword advertising auction. According to our classification results, love can be Shanghai for landing page simply divided into two categories: shunt and transaction page page.

What is the

. Learn to analyze competitor.

1. competitor analysis.

as above, A5 services of the training program for this type of work in the A5 group of Shanghai dragon training. Many of my friends will ask, what is the transaction. In fact, the transaction is page: direct dialog box, which is able to direct the formation of advisory pages. For example, the business and love Shanghai business into the bridge within a web page. As shown below, is a typical transaction.

4. promotion is not limited to

so, how can we play love Shanghai PPC? I think you play love Shanghai PPC are the following:



3. targeted

2. pay to acquire new customers, low average cost


when we have sex in Shanghai auction, is no one when we. We need to cross the river by feeling the stones. Well, then who is our "stone"? Of course is a competitor, is our peers.

the theme page page we shunt said is we often say, a keyword is representative of a group of users. In fact, shunt pages include: the website home page, project page and the article page.

but I want to remind is, when using the page when the above transactions as love Shanghai PPC landing page, our ideas must have clear and prominent words. For example, we can say "click online consultation, free expert answers" similar statement to remind us of the potential users. In fact, if we use this way as closing Page >

2. competitor analysis for landing page.

love Shanghai PPC has the following characteristics:

we not only need to put the superposition of keywords was screened out, we also need to know what we have thought and keywords are doing, what keywords we never expected. If you do not think of our competitors keywords, then we are going to understand the words we have formed transformation, if not, then we don’t have to spend time on it.


love Shanghai PPC is the enterprise products and services through the form of keywords for the promotion of love in Shanghai search engine platform, it is a new type of pay for performance and mature search engine service.


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