Easy to use the station group software management of multiple sites

website must choose a good program, the station group is even more so, to choose from several aspects.

domain name is one of the important factors in the optimization, the best way to buy the old domain, because the old domain name itself has a certain weight, if not, the domain name registration, registration and keyword related domain name.


Wangzhuan, appeared a lot of new terms and new methods, station group is one of them, standing very violent, very awesome, but is in operation well under the premise. The software operation station, let some people earn a lot of money, this is an indisputable fact, but the software operation station group website ranking, generally not long, but the user experience is not high, is easy money, easy to operate. The author through the analysis of a large number of websites and Shanghai dragon related knowledge, here on the easy manual operation stations, manual operation, the main can be long and lasting income ranking, once and for all. The manual operation station group mainly operating the following:

, a choice of convenient and practical

C, simple operation, the background is not complicated, the beautiful, here you can write a template or find someone to write a beautiful template to customers enjoy the beautiful, the background is not complicated, the main is convenient update and operation; in general, recommend the use of DEDE, WP, Z-Blog and other procedures, these the program is more appropriate for the above requirements, but also personal webmaster do stand in the mainstream program program.


A, the Shanghai dragon optimization program, is not recommended for development, because there are a lot of existing open source online;

, filler content programThe

website content like human flesh is as important as the content is very important, the beginning is the best original content, it can be included more. In the content, we must do a good job in the construction of the chain, on the construction of the chain can see the A5 article, there are a lot of master mentioned. >


Three, the domain name

if the record is convenient, of course, is to choose the domestic, because the speed, but also for the record, love Shanghai will also give certain points in weight. But the record is going to cost, do station group, so the cost is high. If there is foreign, faster, of course is to choose abroad; if you choose keywords, traffic is not large, it is recommended to choose Hongkong, because the space velocity and the domestic Hongkong, Hongkong is the most important space bandwidth, suitable flow is not too big website. So the search space choice depends on the size of your keywords, and, preferably with independent IP and room space, but not the same IP, here will be mentioned below.

B, convenient backup, convenient transfer procedures, because during the operation, if the space is a problem, can transfer timely and quickly to other space, so easy to backup;

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