Combining various techniques of acne in the construction of the chain on the Forum

find the chain of skills

finally, the link is.

Need to find a place to send the chain

outside the chain of skills

timely forum let you send a link, but if you don’t deal with it is very easy to be deleted, my sister acne, also encountered such a problem, of course, the time to see the forum, love Shanghai also included, but the next time to see that the deleted by the administrator. This chain has no effect, so when we try to find the link or the administrator, if processing method has set the color, the link color settings and the color of the article as it is not easy to find, because that is not the forum administrator will carefully read your article, then it is set to link and the background color as far as not timely management of late articles, but also can not see your link, if you want to say the administrator to see source code can be found, in fact few of The altar administrator would go so carefully, so you can be assured of the hair.


before the construction of the chain, and now a lot of the forum is not let the hair of the chain, so we are looking for the chain will have the skills, or you find such a forum account registered but not link it, it would be a waste of time nor efficiency. So how to find is very important, here is how I find the link to sister acne network? When I started to do is done through the forum search efficiency is not high, then do more analysis, found the same industry links to others is a very good method, but to do a after a period of time or that there is a problem, why? Because a lot of peers send links to sites that have expired, and some links could have and may now change the settings on the forum can not be made. But then I think of others only to find the last week of the construction of the link where the link, so efficiency is high.

outside the chain of other techniques

When the

web site if not large sites have a lot of users to help you send the chain, so most of the time still need to send the chain, here I will talk about my acne with sister network construction in the forum to do outside the chain of time use various techniques.

1. site outside the chain to find high quality forum, which is best in the same industry, and you have the content related to the forum to send, such as my sister acne acne, mainly to do so I went to the beauty section, in addition to the above treatment in general will not be deleted by the administrator.

2. to deal with the kind of automatically deleted links, such as some forum is set to automatically delete the link, I found that there are still loopholes after several tests that we can use, such as the general forum source code is the [url=贵族宝贝jjmm5贵族宝贝] [url] acne then you just in front of the [url] on a carriage return, don’t delete forum system your link. You can easily send links.

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