Four steps to create a stable and efficient Links

2, snapshot update, related domain. PR (now PR is not allowed, for reference only)

seen the other site, did not find the phenomenon of cheating, is not enough, Shanghai Longfeng information, but also check its website as follows:


2, Links released information exchange platform, the disadvantage is the post sink fast, high mobility.

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4, friendship web site looking for friendship, friendship friendship is through the website development done, the website weight, success rate.


where to find friendship? What kind of friendship can do what kind of friendship cannot do, we are very clear, but is where to find friendship object feel very confused, in fact, is not difficult to find friendship, but it is difficult to find good friendship. Why? Because people good website and you bothered to change the friendship. According to the website do know that Links, must not find very good website, first find almost on the line, then slowly adjust. Specific where to find

1, the website included how the amount collected within a day, the amount included in a week, a month included the amount of

1, add some Links professional QQ group, there are many people who want to do with you.


3, search queries through the keyword search out of the station can do friendship, strong correlation.

found with the intention to do the friendship website, the next step is to see, see what see? Links output number, see whether there is a chain plate with nofllow tags, see not adopted JS calls and so on, as we walked in the site, Links to love Shanghai, pointing to Sina, pointing to the NetEase and other sites. One can know each other is a white, this point directly excluded. These articles many, know in not much said.



2012 over 1/4, in these times, Shanghai dragon stressed that the most high quality or the chain, to the quality as the premise to do quantity, 2012 Shanghai dragon to mature a step forward, what kind of chain is the high quality of the chain? Links, chain blog, one-way links the news source, the soft chain belong to the high quality chain. Today the author to share knowledge in is: how to build efficient and stable Links chain.


side colleagues often complain about friendship connection is not good to do, how to say, for the new station, Links does not do the weights for the station is relatively easy for many. Links to find who do? Why should he do? Do Links have risk? And so on should be taken into account, I summed up the four steps of a Links, for two three check four trial rules. Following a detailed exposition of these points:

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