On the 2011 site of Shanghai dragon six Nirvana

Many websites,

can be said to be a programmer’s job. When a lot of programmers in the development process, with the very love algorithm, because the code error of carelessness, ultimately resulting in program chaos mechanism. Less use of FRAME frame structure, less use of pictures, the expression of FLASH content, such as to leave a text. There is, in the program source code to have the "Keywords" "description" function. All over the world by using the CSS+DIV, the big boys don’t use TABLE.

Hello, I’m netccbird Henan, Nanyang, the first time to publish the article in the A5 above, from 2009 into the Shanghai dragon in this industry, it is about two years time, the Shanghai dragon have some personal views. Today I want to talk to you and together ~ now Shanghai dragon is no longer a simple ranking, is a more comprehensive quality considerations, to enhance the conversion rate, bosses need prompt results and effective interest. So now I and many of the Shanghai dragon brothers great pressure. Owing to the increase of such external factors also contributed to the whole field of vision and the Shanghai dragon means change rapidly. However, there are some basic work or to the ground, I summarized some common elements, the hope can help students quickly grasp the Shanghai rookie Shanghai dragon dragon essentials, effective to analyze the rules of search engine, so as to achieve the ultimate goal of the optimization of Shanghai dragon


third, Meta yuan tag writing. Of course, this label can do a lot of things, but I want to say is that many Programmers do not play by the rules, title, keywords, describe the scribbles, although not what impact on the site visit, but please take care of our gang Shanghai dragon brother, please follow W3C to do.

second points, although the search engine spiders a lot smarter, the dynamic support has increased, but the best advice website or make it static or pseudo static. Because the search engine of web content exists in reality, easy to search, and for database, it is difficult to search, so it is best to make static page. Of course, now the site is a lot of pseudo static, this I will not say here.

fifth, external link deployment, including external links effective and high quality import links. But need a little pay attention: don’t put all external links into repeat >

fourth may have met the love Shanghai snapshot delay?! to solve this problem is to ensure that your website content should be updated from time to time, at least to update. Content of high quality, best is original, if it is copied from the Internet, or by hand a lot of change, it is impossible to use pseudo original is just passable. Either for people or search engines are valuable for high quality content, search engine is no reason not included.

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