By love Shanghai HR Liu winter events using micro blog guide flow

after the test yesterday, found love Shanghai "the latest micro-blog search results also show the contents of weighted points, I make several unauthorized friends (which has a fan of more than 30 thousand) forwarding without a show in the latest micro-blog search results page, instead, with the Tencent and NetEase certification account, as long as the release of content slightly after processing, will immediately show the latest micro-blog search results page. Therefore, the latest micro-blog search results now grab love Shanghai is the main content of the Tencent micro-blog.

1, predict the hot

screenshots certified

micro-blog every day, what topics can fire, what topics can attract much attention and become the focus, which have our own judgement, so choose what kind of content to promotion is very important, I chose to love Shanghai HR Liu Dong as the test subject, because I think this is potentially explosive: A, Shanghai B, there is love; face a chest, is the object of the Internet Indoorsman pursuit; C, will certainly be a micro-blog platform and related media took the opportunity to hype; D, the end of the year, the Internet Co is engaged in the annual meeting, and she is the annual meeting of talent shows itself no, not the fire reason;

2, micro-blog

love Shanghai search keywords

Post Bar, SNS promotion forum, we are very familiar with, but I still use micro-blog to guide the flow of the first attempt, although it is small, but also proves less effect than the traditional forum, Post Bar effect. Because yesterday morning at about 11 in my personal station sent an article about Liu Dong’s post, and then use the Tencent micro-blog released, as of 00:00 PM, the post is click 2W times, give me the station about 7000 IP.

Here are some screenshots of screeningThere are a lot of new things and the topic


love Shanghai search screenshot


At the beginning of the month of 2012 micro-blog update timely



The traditional

micro-blog is undoubtedly the hottest topic, the most cattle China e-commerce website – and overnight explosion of red love Shanghai HR Liu Dong Jocelin, Liu Dong Jocelin of sina micro-blog fans within two days to 10 tens of thousands, was said to be speculation, it is said to be accidental, the truth. However, we go to the discussion, I said yesterday the love of Shanghai HR Liu winter event to some of my personal effects into the flow of network station camp.


from the above data can prove that the use of hot events on micro-blog, and then go to the reasonable forwarding and comments will bring good results, some of my ways so here I’ll introduce.


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