Entrepreneurs only dare to say the truth to God didn’t want to live but was afraid to die Domes

today, he came up with the story of 4 famous CEO kneeling on the road to live:

Zhu Weilian founded banyan trees 10 years ago and gathered a group of the country’s earliest original literary elite, and 10 years later, Zhu Weilian wanted to gather more people in the same spirit.

do not abandon, do not give up

, no training class will teach you how to be a CEO and how to manage a company. The only way to teach you to be a CEO is to be a CEO in person. This means that you will be surrounded by all kinds of affairs, and you don’t know how to solve them. But other people will only rely on you to give the answer, because you are the policy maker.

although there are many SNS websites in China, but most of them do not have any income, which has led to the death of some websites.

, he said, "MyTupa will shut out vulgar pictures and videos because they don’t make any sense to the SNS site.".

Zhu Weilian has also been thinking about the issue, although he says MyTuPa’s monthly burn figures will be around $100 thousand, but any company that lacks business models will be hard to stand up to the time

actually, SNS site is divided into the pan and practical Dating Dating two, including a former community website and blog website, the latter more reflected in business applications, or has a clear purpose, such as dating sites etc.. In either way, in order to attract traffic, these sites are currently focused on the publicity of heterosexual friends, city dating, or even a one night stand. One of MyTupa’s problems is how to deal with its competitors between dirty and dirty." Zhu Weilian said seriously.

who doesn’t do it

unfortunately, there’s no secret at all. If there is such a skill, it depends on its ability to concentrate and the ability to choose the best route when there is no way. Compared to the average person, the moments that make you want to hide or die are the things that you’re going to experience as a CEO.

Abstract: stick to it. Starting a business may have more ideas at first, but the idea may not mature at first. The new model may experience difficulties in the pilot process, may also encounter setbacks, did not achieve your desired goals. If you think you’re right by analyzing, you need to stick to it.

some time ago, investment in the taxi drops angel investor Wang Gang said a paragraph, brush friends circle of explosion,

, and some of the SNS sites that aren’t financing, have been harder to live on, especially the homogenization of content that has accelerated their deaths.

in CEO’s career, I have many times want to give up the idea. I have seen a lot of people drinking under the weight of drowning, or simply stop trying. They have every reason to justify their giving up, but none of them can be a great CEO.

and in the domestic market, "all kinds of SNS websites have been as many as 200 or so," Zhu Weilian told reporters. "Not only is the size of the general relatively small, but also more confusing."

": many intelligent people are fragile inside. Some people are only suitable for vice president, not suitable for CEO. The steel plate below the deck is the most powerful. This steel plate is CEO. Many professors and many consultants will train CEO, but they can’t be CEO. That’s not to say that these people aren’t smart or powerful, but that they are weaker than CEO, and that CEO is the one who can live on his knees. "

dating sites are heavily starved to death,

UUZONE, which is said to have a yoyo zone, raise $1 million of the SNS website, recently due to "not equipped with network security officer can contact at any time and off. This is not the first closed Web2.0 site or SNS site, and their demise may not just be the result of a lack of good ideas.

Horowitz: CEO is the one who can’t say

domestic dating market chaos,

every boss must ask for real knowledge from practice.

whenever I meet the success of CEO, always to teach them the successful experience. Those casual answer may be strategic initiatives, extraordinary business acumen, or some other words of praise, and outstanding CEO are often only a unified answer.

Silicon Valley top VC, senior entrepreneur, Ben ·, Horowitz,

only this time, he hopes to be in the MyTupa graph flower.

what is SNS? The core idea is American psychology professor Stanley · milgor lamb’s "six degree relation theory", namely in the interpersonal context, to meet a strange friend, it through as much as six friends will be able to achieve the purpose. In foreign countries, the more famous SNS websites include Myspace, Facebook and so on, among which Myspace will enter the Chinese market this year.

no training class will teach you how to be a CEO

people always ask me, "what’s the secret of being a successful CEO?"

, founded by his main investment SNS Social Network Service MyTupa website officially launched, however, and before the business is different, this time he faced the situation much more severe.


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