The second batch of college student list exposure monster master Guozhao countdown top venture capit

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monster krypton, krypton space under the banner of the Institute of science and technology products, released at the end of April. In the face of the industry has been questioned on the venture capital training industry, the first choice of the College of magic for the elite entrepreneurs to cut into the continuous, advocating no mentor, since the output, strong interaction, the concept of innovative training.

The date of

, since the release of the monster, made clear the first class structure: the field of science and technology founder +20% 60% traditional enterprise boss +10% famous VC +10% general partner (from other media, head of bank executives, star entrepreneurs and government backbone etc.). In early May, the monster on the release of the first batch of 9 college students list, containing 4 A wheel company founder, CEO B, the 3 round of the company founder, CEO, the 2 top investment partner, the total valuation reached 4 billion.

released this week, the 9 members, further confirmed the diversity of the composition of students. With the disclosure of the background of these 18 students, it is not difficult to see the monster Institute in the selection of members of the harsh and unique layout of social operations. These students is not only a serial entrepreneur, almost all of them have experienced at least one cross-border attempt, monster is also hoping to institute them from experience refining output, creating opportunities for these master blows can knock out more spark close.

members of this exposure list includes:







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