How to improve the user demand for products like Shanghai 2

] before reading to share "how to love Shanghai products to improve user needs!" on a part of the love of Shanghai products appear, how to solve the demand that continues today to talk about love, the rest of the product needs of users in Shanghai.

search results page 1. vehicle crane, "Shanghai love video", it should be how to improve the

[ website?

: search keywords, crane video, user demand for video, at the same time in Shanghai love down, crane appeared video performance, but personally feel that the technical competition, high operability.



this is a friend before I do website ranking has been good, the index "1728". In the home row for more than a year, relatively import traffic to a website is good. The premise is to meet the user experience, the title seems to have met in their own home page content with a crane. Video, hd.

in addition, tutorial classes, film and entertainment industry in general will appear in Shanghai love video.

is the best tick download package: the network situation in China based on a lot of people want to watch online HD video is still difficult. So, if we can provide video website to download package function, experience will be much better than the other sites.

2. search results page appears Hubei Cheng Li, "love Shanghai map", it should be how to improve the



video to tick series: users are lazy, he does not love you need to find the best video is able to put all sorts of things together, directly to a series of tutorials available to him, he in order to see on the line.


but if it is so, you have what advantage than the love of Shanghai video? So, in addition to providing video, we should also do the following.

Video: love Shanghai tick to HD video provides video is uneven, many are not high, we can put out for hd.


, of course, a lot of people say that I was not the love of Shanghai video inside the video collected in my website out

love map of Shanghai, indicating that the user can find contact and address the needs of.




general search the word people have an understanding of the power of this brand, there may be looking for customer service, because of the reasons, you know. So please leave your car, or you find someone else.


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