Operation skills of website construction of the chain of Shanghai Dragon

release is the website chain Website Optimization Website optimization keywords essential lessons, need the support of the chain to achieve the relevant keywords ranking, but the website traffic needs the help of the chain to increase the need to give users access to Google PR, we all know that the chain is one of the fastest growing PR method is one of the most effect so, the website of the chain is released site optimization promotion essential lessons, but we do website optimization, the chain release may not start, or spend a lot of energy have not obvious effect. To this end, I would have so far released outside the chain of methods and techniques used to make a systematic summary today. Can say this is the ultimate tutorial site optimization chain released after reading this article, you don’t need to see the other chain article.

website optimization Shanghai dragon is like a person practicing martial arts, pay attention to packaging, ignore the site itself belongs to the quality of "outwardly strong but inwardly weak". As the saying goes: the practice of breath, muscles skin. Website optimization has inside and outside of the points, structure optimization, content optimization, code optimization, chain optimization and internal optimization belongs to the site. The range of external links the site belongs to the "bones".

said the release of the chain, some people will say that the chain is not promotion website? If you ask that you were wrong from the beginning.

Use the

2.1, Links

is now common Links mainly two ways. One is the link between the two is independent, self webmaster exchange links, can go to find some related resources in the forum or QQ group. There is a Links exchange platform, a platform for the exchange of self-help, also issued a special information exchange platform.

outside the chain of different modes have different effects, so to understand why I do the chain is very important, is likely to reach sales of intent, may be in order to improve the PR, may be to increase the reverse link, is likely to increase website traffic. What you want to, you know what to do. It can not only enhance the effect, but also can reduce a lot of efforts.

two, common way chain and release techniques

1.1, understand the purpose of the chain

, the release of the chain to

Links is in the first place is because it has been the webmaster cognition, and Links role we are clear. It mainly has three functions: 1, improve the PR value. 2, improve the anchor link (keyword ranking) 3, bring some traffic.

technique is: try to do Links and the same type of website, is helpful to enhance the weight of such key words. We must check the number of the chain of the site, improve the PR value do not blindly do external links. But we must pay attention to the use of the anchor link, if you can do more Links 2-3 anchor links, not only do one.

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