n the face of new station we should be how to optimize

, 1 new sites to choose a beautiful dress for herself: a website to provide good operation and service stability, plays an important role can not be ignored website space and domain name, so choose a good web space is a prerequisite to ensure the stability of the site; if you want to be beautiful. The search engine and can be accepted to the maximum extent, so a beautiful dress is essential.

2, the website to build a good website: bones can be said that the overall structure of the site and all sites keywords and content structure, strong bones to make your firm and not to the structure of the site, the best is the three layer structure, the content of the website and the layout of key words is reasonable.

railway station is a site in the search engine’s starting point, is the overall quality of our running before body to go up, but without any defect, you are afraid you lose to others in the long runway? So, the new optimization is very important, but the emergence of all walks of life the site is different, and each type of the site will have the different optimization methods, but for a large class of sites we have a general optimization scheme of Shanghai dragon? Different types of railway station, how to optimize? (actually a new station and a married to the bride the

The basic skeleton of

4, the new station is best to go out less cast appearances: a new station in the station if when the number of the release of the chain, the consequences will be very serious, although in a short period of time will get the favour of search engine, but this is not for a long time, like a ten year old eight or nine the little girl, to keep the best before married, less to the outside publicity, so as to let oneself have a sense of mystery, if outsiders see more, you also do not have what interest, so when the new online chain to do as little as possible, if to do so, proper affectation, attract this is a spider, the chain strategy of the latest

3, the website should timely input fresh blood: we know that even people throughout the body, his blood is kept in the flow, does not stop with the oxygen input, so as to guarantee the normal operation of the body organs, if the site can not be timely updates, website content is too old, cannot be guaranteed to be completely in the search engine to maintain long-term stability of the site after the line position, so, in order to better the website operation, website content must be updated.

5, the website don’t change: the new station is to have a assessment period in the search engine, if you in the assessment period is not honest, then it is easy to let the search engines do not trust, so, just online website, for title, description, keywords, etc. these parts do not go change is just to my little wife.

Optimization of as like as two peas)

first of all we need to know is in the station optimization when there are many considerations, such as:


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