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here we may realize a answer, that is the content of the page title of the article, we select the content page keywords, it also shows us the title is about to fall, at least the target keywords content page title, so the next step is to do the Title Title Optimization, since select a keyword, then more of the long tail word needs to optimize the title. The words I do not know how to express the following examples.

I site is the inside pages do ranking, the keywords competition is not difficult, so to meet the needs of only one, but the actual page if you encounter difficult competition, that satisfy the multiple needs to do rankings, to put it crudely, even if you did not meet the actual needs of the content, you also to meet the demand for the title key words, the title of the party is a lot of people are willing to come. This is the natural demand that the needs of users, can see the demand in Shanghai love to search keywords in the drop-down box.

we all know, a web page is the main keywords, so set the main keywords and home location, but because we are blogs, basically there is no main keywords can be set, basically is "* * *" blog this form to locate the home page, so the ranking basically no hope of the home page, to put this do you have to go "word blog and Sina, the large NetEase website competition, if you want to put your name on the list is actually very simple, but not equal to the ranking of empty talk.

Key words: jump

needs: website

Title: who has the

, a content page keyword

said that although my blog ranking is not many, but also slightly, write in the blog this year on my blog content page made many operations, eventually I now set way of writing, the blog content will be ranked steady today try to do this in the content page ranking the experience for everyone to contribute to share.

page is proposed to locate the long tail keywords, one is more you can’t compete with others from the main keywords the advantages of URL, and your article can not meet the needs of a number of the main keywords, so the long tail keywords is good, but the long tail to tail, not too long tail, not to last long tail no one to search it, such as "love Shanghai micro-blog search keywords, long tail keywords so don’t want nobody would want to waste a domain space with a home page to do the word ranking, so the competition is in this page, you might try this keyword ranking.

is the only solution can only rely on the columns and the inside pages to do Shanghai dragon ranking, but within the page and column page ranking you to ignore, do careful research, so difficult to do blog ranking, in fact, use blog to do rankings relative to other sites do.


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