Only one article outsourcing enterprises how to make Shanghai Longfeng edit background


in the face of the whole situation, see, my heart is still relatively discouraged. To be discouraged discouraged, still have to go. After a few times, found it impossible to let site has been improved. It is now the force along the best things to do.

PR3, BR0 600+, web site included the chain, 500+, IP10-30, PV20-50, hands 60 administrator group. After 7 years, 4 years of nearly 5 years of accumulation of some websites. The source of traffic comes mostly from long list of famous keywords. For example: "everyone has his way, way is the right way. One misfortune is that they don’t want to walk the road, don’t always want to go "because the company is an enterprise management training class, so the official website of the information accumulated mostly with the original nature of such phrases. So it leads to the search of this type we can find, but this type of search keywords fewer people, it is not accurate customer groups. So, naturally can not get good traffic, accurate customer.

remember when just accept the business management training website mood is very complex. The website received only a backstage permission background also can only add articles to publish information. The website structure is not reasonable, beautiful design, even in different browsers and the resolution framework of dislocation. The user experience is a serious lack of. Title and description, keywords is not unreasonable, even without Links added, it means that I cannot add a link, at least I can someone unilaterally add friends of the chain, give me delivery PR. FTP is not the management authority. The company outsourcing, outsourcing website is the owner of a company of friends, can not rush, do not worry, not to roar. Then, everything has to be harmonious. The new website has not come out. The program is ASP, try to upload a few ASP Trojan, want to get modified "WEBSHELL permissions. Obviously the defense do not especially cattle, but I also failed to break the rookie, and also don’t want to waste this heart.


so, we first identified a. The purpose, purpose of the website is to bring customers! Then start channel. What is the channel, is to let users understand the potential through this channel to us. Without doubt, the best to understand our channel is Shanghai dragon.

Changsha enterprise management training company network department. For 1 months and 9 days. The main work is to do Shanghai dragon, do some network information release, the intention of customers to negotiate. Work busy busy, tired tired also said. This is from my 09 years to gradually give up to 09 years to completely abandon the low network first came back to work. So, in the face of this work, I said blankly face.

first determine the current form of the whole website.

I am currently in a

then, I determined the general direction.

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